My Favorite Places to Shop: 2019

I did this post last year around this time and I truly feel my style has changed so much that I thought I should re do it. In the last year, I’ve really focused on having a curated closet with pieces that I will want to wear time and time again. I think that mainly comes from focusing on quality and, of course, just figuring out who I am as an adult. It’s been a crazy, busy, eye-opening year and there has been so much going on, but they have all made me into the person I am now; someone I am very proud of. I want my style to reflect that person everyday. I’m still working on perfecting it and am missing a few staple pieces, but keep reading to see what some of my favorite stores to shop at have been this year.

For Basics:

To me basics means, t-shirts and long sleeves mainly, but a few fitted camis and tank tops also. Layering pieces. Things you wear under other things, not really things to wear on their own (obviously excluding the tees and long sleeves). For these pieces, I almost always go to Target! I love all the basics from A New Day because they are 1) affordable and 2) high quality cotton. I buy t-shirts, long sleeves, turtle necks, camis, and tank tops from this brand because they range from $8-$15, are sometimes on sale and last me a very long time through tons of washes and wears. Some stores I want to try out for some basics are Madewell and Banana Republic!

For Denim:

As you all know, my absolute favorite place to buy denim is Topshop. I have like 20 pairs of jeans from Topshop in all different styles because they just fit me the best! I wear jeans almost every day so having good quality (but still affordable) denim is a major key to my style. Topshop has tons of different styles, shades, and levels of distressing which makes it really easy to find jeans for work and for play on the weekends. You know I’m obsessed with their Mom jeans! I also have a new found love for their straight leg jeans, as well as the Jamie jeans and the Joni jeans. They are simply the best! Next year, I am looking to try out some jeans from Madewell because I’ve heard so many good things, as well as Everlane, AGOLDE, and GRLFRND.

For Sweaters:

My favorite and most worn sweaters are either from American Eagle or Something Navy. I seriously have a ton of sweaters and those are always the ones I choose to wear first. I am always pleasantly surprised by the quality, the color range and the overall fit and wear of them. I love a good neutral sweater, so I love picking up a new oatmeal color sweater or a brown sweater. I also LOVE to throw on a bright pink or purple sweater to mix things up! I wish I could wear sweaters year round honestly. I am really looking forward to trying out some higher quality sweaters from stores like J.Crew, Sezane, Everlane and Banana Republic. These are such classic stores, so they will last me forever!

For Dresses:

Now this is a toughie for me because I don’t wear dresses TOO often. Definitely in the spring and summer because it’s just easier for me to throw one on with sandals and get out the door. But in the fall and winter, I tend to put all of my dresses away and leave them in storage. This coming year I want to wear more dresses so I’m hoping to incorporate more into my closet! When I do wear dresses, they are almost always from either Zara or Target. I think Zara makes the most beautiful and unique dresses and honestly, if there’s one thing Zara does exceptionally well, it’s dresses. Target also makes very cute, affordable dresses for work which is usually what I’d be shopping for anyway. My favorite brand for dresses at Target are usually WhoWhatWear and A New Day!

For Coats:

I am a huge coat person. I think it’s a layer that can really level up your outfit, while keeping you warm and toasty underneath. I have no problem spending a little more on a coat because I know I will wear it. My favorite coats are always from Something Navy. I can’t get enough of them. They are great quality, warm, and stylish all in one. I also just recently got 2 coats from Mango and am over the moon about them! Mango has a really great selection of high quality and affordable coats.

For Shoes:

I spend so much money on shoes from Nordstrom simply because they carry tons of brands! I love to buy high quality, classic shoes that will last me a long time because I need to stop buying so many pairs so I try to buy ones that I want to keep for a few years and not want to throw away or replace the next year. I’m a huge fan of Sam Edelman shoes this year and have recently bought a new pair of beautiful fringe boots and have my eye on the Hai Knee High Boots. I also love the Hazel pumps, they are such a perfect classic shoe. I also love Steve Madden for shoes too, which you all know. Majority of my shoes are from Steve Madden because I think the quality is great, and they are relatively affordable. I think in the coming year, I’ll definitely keep up with the Sam Edelman shoes, but I also want to explore more shoes from Zara because they have funky styles and are super high quality.

For Accessories:

You all know I love to buy my accessories from Baublebar. They have the cutest earrings, usually super festive and gaudy. They also have cute hair clips, headbands, and customized jewelry. I buy from them seasonally usually when I want to keep my outfits more interesting! I always love what they come out with for summer, and I recently just bought a bunch of pretty gold hoops and pearl earrings from them also. I also usually get all my headbands on Amazon also! I like these because they sell them in big packs of 3-8 so you can get a ton of colors, for not a lot of money. I got these cute padded headbands, the pearl/knot headbands, and these Gucci inspired ones all from Amazon for less than $40 total! I have also seen such pretty accessories at Zara, so I think I’ll be purchasing a few of those soon too!

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Ballin’ on a Budget: No Shopping Summer

Today, I wanted to share a little journey I went on this summer and my thoughts on the whole process. Starting about back in April, I stopped shopping (except for a few things) and not necessarily by choice (which I’ll get into another time). It was definitely necessary, but it’s been an interesting journey for me.

First things first, I definitely shopped a little in May to refresh my work wardrobe and get some things for my vacation to Greece in June. I also treated myself to a two items in July and August for special occasions. It wasn’t exactly a no shopping summer, but it was definitely a summer with very little shopping.

I have to be honest, because it was not necessarily a choice, I think it was a little bit easier to do this successfully. The desire wasn’t really there because I knew I had other priorities. However, my love for shopping didn’t disappear. It just went to the bottom of my priority list. I spent a lot of time scrolling through Instagram, Pinterest, blogs, etc and just not feeling like I wanted to shop which was definitely a key factor to going 3+ months without shopping in bulk like I normally do.

Now that it’s half way through August and getting into fall, the itch to shop is definitely back in full force. I also started a new job recently so all I want to do is treat myself because I think I deserve it. So far, I haven’t bought anything new yet, but it’s probably coming soon! It’s very interesting to me that I spent the whole summer not really caring about getting new things, but now that I feel like I can or I deserve it or I need it cause it’s going to be ~fall~, it’s getting more difficult.

Some things I learned from this experience is that:

  • I can still work with what I have and look good (biased?)
  • Other things are way more important, but it feels good to get the things that you want sometimes
  • My creativity does not depend on buying new things every week (but buying things once in a while helps keep those juices flowing)
  • I can actually go 3+ months without buying things which is a huge first for me
  • The money I saved from shopping, could be put to use on more experiences which last way longer than trendy clothes

This experience was a little bit of a wake up call from a financial aspect, but it also shed some light on just how creative I can get when I need to. I’m hoping that moving forward I can remember this experience and find a healthy balance between the two! Cutting it out completely was tough and not sustainable for me, but it was definitely good to give myself that break.

I want to know in the comments: have you ever challenged yourself to give up something you love for more than a month?

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What’s In My Cart: Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Every blogger, fashionista, and instagrammer’s favorite time of year is finally upon us: the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! The sale is available for Nordstrom Cardholders to shop since July 12th and is open to everyone else starting July 19th. This annual sale gets you NEW arrivals at MARKED DOWN prices! It’s their best sale of the year and I thought I’d share a few items I have my eyes on for the upcoming fall season (too soon, I know). Everything is linked below for you to shop also but hurry because these items sell out SO QUICK!


A few staples I’ve been looking at for the upcoming fall season is some great blazers, the perfect suede moto jacket, and a few tailored topper coats to wear for nicer occasions. Linked below are a few items I’ve got my eye on!

BlankNYC Next Level Suede Moto Jacket: This little beauty got away from me last year during this sale, so it’s definitely going in my cart this year.
Sam Edelman Rib Tweed Car Coat: This coat is just stunning and I’m obsessed with everything brown this coming season. Plus Sam Edelman is always excellent quality.


I’m big on sweaters as you all know so of course I have a lot of cute picks. As I mentioned before, brown is my new favorite color for the fall so I’m looking for all the coziest brown sweaters this year. I’m also really big on button up cardigans and comfy pullovers, so that’s definitely what most of my picks will be for the upcoming season. I have a few linked below for you!

Something Navy Flecked Crewneck Sweater: See what I said about the browns? SO cute and you all know Something Navy is one of my most favorite brands so I’m really excited they are participating in this sale! Plus this comes in a TON of colors!
Halogen Ribbed V-Neck Cardigan: I’m really loving cardigans that can be worn on their own as tops or opened up and worn over tanks or camis like this one! Plus the pink color is SO cute, but it comes in tons of other colors also.
Something Navy Cozy V-Neck Cardigan: What else do I really need to say here? This one comes in a few other colors also, I just really love brown!


For dresses this coming season, I’m definitely looking for versatile dresses that I can wear to work and also transition day to night if I need to. I know that I’ll have a lot of opportunities to go from work to events in the evening where I need to look put together but still comfortable enough to run around all day long. I also have formal occasion dresses in mind because a lot of people ask me about where to get wedding guest dresses, so I’m linking a few of my picks here for you.

ASTR The Label Lace Midi Dress: This pretty little thing would be perfect for a summer wedding and it comes in TONS of colors, so it can fit everyone’s style. Plus it’s about 30% off, which makes it a major steal.
Eliza J Geo Print Belted Shirtdress: This dress is a perfect example of a work appropriate day to night outfit. The print is subdued, but still eye catching and the silhouette is flattering for every body type.


The fall is always a good time to buy jeans so I love to add a few new styles during this time. So far, looser jeans are very popular and I’m all for it. I also love a classic dark wash jean for when you need to look more put together. I’m linking some of my favorite styles below for you.

Topshop Ripped High Waist Dad Jeans: This year, Dad Jeans are the new thing and I am so into it. The loose rugged fit is a good balance with a cute sandal and a feminine top. It’s very construction worker chic, right?
Good American Good Legs High Waist Skinny Jeans: These are the most perfect wash of denim ever. They are the kind of classic jean that every girl should have in her wardrobe because they are great for your casual Fridays, date night, or just running errands on the weekend.


Now I’m not desperately in need of new shoes, so I didn’t go scouring Nordstrom’s site for anything in particular, but I have been thinking of purchasing a new pair of black ankle boots. Those are always a staple for your wardrobe! Here’s the shoes I’ve got sitting in my cart right now, linked below.

Dolce Vita Coltyn Bootie: These are so cute and I love the croc print on them. They are just a classic ankle boot with a small heel, so they will be comfortable to wear all day long. And of course, Dolce Vita is widely trusted brand, so they’ll be sure to last you a while.
Charles by Charles David Maxx Pointy Toe Pump: This sale is a great time to stock up on classic styles like these pointed toe pumps. I have these in a few colors and I absolutely love them and find them comfortable to wear all day long. I’m definitely looking to purchase some more classic versions since they are about 30% off! These run a little small so I would size up half a size!
Charles by Charles David Burbank Bootie: These cute mid-calf booties are right up my alley and are high up on my list of things to purchase. The olive suede is very stylish yet the color is subtle enough that it can really go with anything. Plus this style is very flattering to wear with skirts and dresses.

That’s all I’ve got for you guys. This sale is absolutely insane and remember that sizes go very quickly and there’s little chance of restocking! If you want something, you have to grab it ASAP! I hope you enjoyed this and let me know what you guys are excited about for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! xx

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Ballin’ on a Budget: No Shopping Update

So my friends, it’s over now. My one month challenge of no shopping. Let me tell you, it was not as hard as I thought it would be! I’m pretty proud of myself because I really thought I was going to struggle through this month but I feel like I came out knowing what I can do to keep myself from over spending on clothing.

One of the things that really helped me feel like I didn’t want or need to shop over this past month was keeping myself busy with other activities. Over this past month, I went skiing, went to a brewery, took a cooking class and celebrated St. Patrick’s day. I spent my weekends being out and about and I’d only ever really look at my phone in the morning when I woke up or right before bed. I think being so busy over the last month was something that really made a huge difference in not feeling like I wanted to shop. I honestly didn’t have time to sit down and try to shop!

I also focused on my main goal for this month. I wanted to save money to spend on a vacation with my boyfriend and for my upcoming trips because having experiences is much more important to me than how I look. Being knowledgeable about the world and the different things it has to offer is what makes me feel my best so focusing on my goal of saving for my travel plans was a really big help because I knew I was working toward something that was going to leave me feeling richer than new clothes ever could.

One last thing that helped me was knowing that I would treat myself to something after the month was over. Before I started I decided that I really need some new work out clothes and sneakers because my health and exercising is really important to me and it’s one of my favorites parts of my routine. Keeping in mind that I could reward myself with some new sneakers and a few pairs of new gym leggings was something that really helped to keep me focused on not spending on other things.

However, I will say that the weather getting warmer this past month was something that did not help me! The thought of transitioning my closet into all the pretty spring colors and thinking about what I’d want to wear on vacation really made me want to shop for spring clothes. The change of seasons was probably the one thing that really made a struggle because I was getting so tired of winter when I started this journey. But keeping my goals in mind was definitely more helpful!

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Ballin’ on a Budget: No Shopping for a Month

Today, I thought I would share a small goal I set for my self over the next few months. Currently, it’s the end of February and I’ve got lots of things planned for 2019 and they are slowly but surely coming to fruition. However, these things I have planned require quite a few coins if you know what I mean. So last week, I set a goal of no shopping for one month and I’m going to tell you all about my experience here, on my fashion blog.

Just to catch everyone up to speed, my plans for this year include mainly travel but I also would like to move into my own apartment next year and I’m considering getting a new car. As of right now, I have 2 trips planned for 2019 with 2 more in the works and those are pretty much my top priorities if we’re being honest because I’d rather travel than have a place to live apparently. Now, I really need to save some extra money for these trips so since clothing is my largest expense, I decided to cut that out for a month (and another month and another one too). Starting on February 13, 2019, I decided that I’m not buying any new clothes, shoes, or accessories until March 13, 2019. Pretty simple, right? Well, we’ll see. Self control is something I struggle with tremendously.

On February 13, I actually bought a heck ton of stuff and had the realization that I can’t do that if I want to actually enjoy my life and have experiences and keep moving my life forward. Currently, there is nothing that I feel I need or am lacking in my closet and I’m not quite ready for spring yet, so I thought this was the perfect time to take a break. I do plan to keep the other aspects of my life the same to ease some of the struggle and still have things to look forward to (such as nights out and dinners). I also plan to reward myself with something special once the month is over because positive reinforcement works every time!

My tactic for this is fairly simple because this is basically just going to be a test of will power and patience for me. I set daily reminders on my phone of why I’m doing this every 2 hours (which is maybe excessive but necessary). It’s to keep me in the mindset that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel and I’m not really trying to torture myself. I also plan to really challenge myself to find inspiration in my own closet by experimenting with pieces I already own and trying to make them feel new by styling them with different pieces. Then at the end of the month, I’ll give you my honest experience of how I did!

It’s going to be a very interesting month, but I’m looking forward to the challenge!

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