Packing Guide: Greece

I can’t believe this trip is finally here after months of planning! I will be traveling to Greece next week for vacation and I am so excited. Since this is a pretty big trip, I thought I would put together a packing guide of some things I’m planning to bring with me for this trip. I hope you enjoy!

1. Dresses

The very first thing I plan to bring with me is a bunch of dresses. All kinds of dresses. In general, I love wearing dresses because they are so easy to just throw on and go while still looking put together. I plan on bringing a bunch of maxi dresses because they are so pretty and easy. I’ll also bring some cute mini dresses and even a few rompers because I just love them so much.

2. Mini Backpack

I figured instead of bringing a purse or a bunch of different bags, I’ll bring a mini backpack with me for walking around during the day. It’ll be big enough to care all the essentials such as my camera, wallet, sunglasses but not too big that it starts feeling heavy after a long day.

3. Cameras

For this trip, I decided to try a few different things for my photos. I’m of course bringing my cell phone to use as my main camera, but I’m also bringing my Polaroid camera to try and get some more interesting shots. On top of that, I also decided to buy some disposable cameras too to get some more vintage looking shots too! Using film cameras is so popular lately, that I figured this trip was the perfect time to try it out.

4. Sunglasses

This is pretty much a given, but I’m planning on bringing a few pairs of sunglasses because, duh, it’s sunny in Greece. However, I’m bringing some of my cheaper ones, so that I don’t care as much if they break or I lose them for some reason.

5. Swimsuits

We’re spending about 2-3 days on the beach for this trip, so of course I’m bringing quite a few bathing suits just in case! This will be my first chance to go to the beach for this summer so I have to be strategic about getting my base tan, so bringing some bandeau style bathing suits and of course lots of sun block! The Mediterranean sun is very strong so, sun block is a must!

6. Books

I’m also bringing a few books to read at the airport and on the plane! Reading is actually my favorite thing to do on long flights, so I picked out a few books that I’m considering bringing. One of them is called Thinking Fast and Slow that I’ve been holding on to for a few months for this trip. I’m so excited to finally start reading it!

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Packing Guide: Early Spring Weekend Getaway

Now that the weather is getting warmer, I’m just about ready to start taking a few spring vacations so I wanted to also share how I pack for these little mini vacations! Eventually I’ll share my packing guides for some larger vacations too, but for the spring I only have small weekend getaways planned and sometimes those are the hardest to pack for. So here’s an idea of what I’m bringing with me!

For this trip, my boyfriend and I are heading out to eastern long island to do some wine tours and spend some extra time together. We found a hotel that offers passes to a few different vineyards and breweries out east plus a $50 dinner voucher and a one night stay! It’s an amazing deal so we had to go for it! Since we’re only staying one night, it should be pretty easy to pack.

As far as clothing goes, I want to really get into the wine tour spirit while still acknowledging the fact that it’s not quite 75 and sunny yet. Some things that I think will be essential for this trip is: a good pair of jeans, a sweater, a nicer top for night time, comfortable shoes and a great coat! We’re going to spend a lot of time outside so the coat and sweater will definitely come in handy for us. The jeans keep things very casual, but the nicer top would help to dress up the outfit for dinner. Comfortable shoes are also of course great, but we also want to make sure they match both the day time and night time outfits!

As far as toiletries goes, I’ll definitely bring the basics such as face wash, moisturizer, toothbrush and toothpaste, soap, etc. But some of the things that will be really important for me to bring will be a face primer to make sure my makeup stays on all day and night. I’d want to only make a few touch ups throughout the trip. Along with my makeup, makeup remover is another essential because there is nothing worse than waking up to makeup all over your pillows!

A few extra items that I’ll be sure to pack in my bag are a phone charger (duh), sunglasses, my polaroid camera with extra film, and some snacks and water! The polaroid camera is always such a fun thing to take with you places because you can take really cool photos. One thing that I don’t love about it is that it’s sort of big to carry around if you don’t want to bring a huge bag! Snacks are also essential for late at night when you’re just relaxing in bed and I always bring some extra water with me because I think I drink like 100 ounces of water every day.

I hope discussing a few of my favorite things to pack was helpful for an easy spring getaway! I can’t wait to share our experience with you from this trip!

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My Weekend Ski Trip

This past weekend, I went on my very first ski trip and thought I’d write about it and share a little bit of what I brought with me. It as such an awesome trip and I was surprisingly good at skiing! It inspired me to plan a few more trips over the next few months so get ready for a few more packing guides and travel posts coming out.

To start, this was definitely a weekend to be one with nature and hangout with friends. So with that being said, it was the most low maintenance weekend I’ve probably ever had in my life. I brought exactly the right amount of clothes that I would need, no make up and very minimal toiletries. I didn’t want to over pack since it was going to be a weekend of just being outside mostly. We went up to Windham Resort to go skiing and it was such a great time. We stayed in an Airbnb instead of at the resort and it was definitely a great idea because of the location and price. Airbnb is something I never really use but now I’m definitely looking into it for future trips because we had such a great experience. I can’t wait to go again!

As far as clothing goes, it wasn’t very cold this weekend in the mountains, only about 30 degrees so I brought light clothing. I packed some cotton long sleeves and leggings to wear under my ski clothes along with my ski pants, a sweatshirt and then my winter coat. However, because it was so warm, I eventually took the sweatshirt off completely and was perfectly fine! I also kept gloves with me and brought a hat and scarf that I ended up not even needing. We also went out at night to speakeasy and the next morning went to a brewery for lunch so for those, I brought with me my Jamie Jeans from Topshop and another long sleeve t-shirt and a big cozy sweater from Nordstrom. I kept it very casual and was really happy with what I brought. I definitely did not need anything else!

For my toiletries, I kept it simple with the basics, body wash, lotion, face wash, toothbrush, contacts/glasses, etc. However, I made sure to bring a good moisturizer and my serums because I knew that the higher altitude and colder weather might affect my skin differently as well as the water there too! I noticed my face reacted pretty well to keeping my routine the same, thankfully! I brought the same items that I mentioned in my Skincare Routine post, linked here.

On our second day, we headed toward Cooperstown, NY and stopped by the Ommegang Brewery which was such an awesome experience if you love craft beer and Game of Thrones! They’ve got tons of GoT themed beers as well as a few others that were so good. My favorite was the Rosetta which was a sour beer infused with cherry and it was the right amount of sweet and sour but I got a flight and really enjoyed all of them. They also have a gift shop that sells all kinds of cool merch including GoT mugs and growlers and you can even buy their beers bottled.

If you’re ever looking for an easy weekend trip, this was definitely a good one to do. There’s so much going on in New York that I feel like I forget about. This year, I’ve got all kinds of trips planned to explore more of New York!

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