Spring Fashion Must-Haves

After looking through all the fashion week runway shows and street style, I decided to put together a few of my new must-haves. There’s lots of pretty trends coming soon and I think you deserve to know my opinion on them. So, here we go!

Hair Accessories

This is a no brainer because I talk about this all the time but I love hair accessories. Pretty pearl hair clips, barrettes, and glitzy crystals are some of my favorites but there’s SO many coming soon. They are a really simple way to dress up your outfit without investing in a new wardrobe.

Beaded Handbags

This is the straw bag trend of 2018. It will literally be everywhere. In every color. And you probably will need at least one. In my opinion, they are pretty cute, maybe not practical?? But cute. And frankly, if you have the patience to switch your bag all the time, please go for this fun trend!

Neon Accessories

I promise you, I’m not a neon kind of girl. I usually think it’s horrendously tacky. However, I am easily influenced so, guess what. I love it all of a sudden and you should probably also learn to love it because it’s not going away anytime soon. This is also fun because you can do it really big with a full neon yellow outfit or you can add a simple neon orange scrunchie to your ponytail and you’re still trendy.

Bright Colors

Moving on to a trend that’s less dramatic than the neon, this is a great break from pastels for spring. I love all the pretty bright pinks, blues, orange, yellow, etc for the upcoming season. It really gets me feeling happy and excited for the coming warm weather and it definitely makes me want a vacation. It’s also very easy to incorporate into your outfit with just a simple top or earrings.

Monochromatic Looks

I love a good monochromatic outfit and you know that. However, looking past the neutral monochromatics, I am LOVING bright monochromatic looks. A full purple outfit is an absolute dream of mine right now. Ever since I saw the monochromatic outfits from the Max Mara show during fashion week, I am officially in love with color. Catch me in lime green head to toe one of these days!!!


This one is much less wearable but I love it just the same. Feather trimmed blazers and pants are the coolest thing in a long time. It takes a really stylish person to pull this off but if you can, you deserve an award.

Florals (duh)

This one is very obvious, but honestly it’s hard to keep floral trends fresh and for some reason I think everyone did it very well this year. The Zimmerman brand florals this year really got me feeling good about spring and don’t even get me started on LoveShackFancy’s super feminine floral dresses. They are so good and you might also catch me in a heck of a lot of florals soon!

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What Inspires My Personal Style

Today I thought I would share some of my style inspiration with you all because I don’t think I’ve ever really gone over it and I’m sure someone out there is curious about it! I’m talking about what I define my personal style as, how it changes season to season, and who inspires me .

To start, my personal style is definitely a collection of basics and then lots of things that make you say, “Are you sure that’s what you’re wearing?”. They aren’t even really elevated basics either. They’re pretty regular basics but basics are always good because accessories then become the key to a distinct look. On an everyday basis (meaning for the office in the winter currently), I select from my extensive collection of sweaters, button downs, t-shirts, blazers and jeans. It’s concerning how many sweaters can fit in my closet honestly. That’s literally all my wardrobe is with the exception of a few dresses for more formal occasions, trousers for formal/business and lots of leather pants. The fun part of my look is usually my shoes because everything else is always so simple! I also love to layer on jewelry. You might have noticed that I like to have a pretty, gold stack of arm candy and big giant hoop earrings. I’m also recently into hair accessories which is fun because my hair is basically always down or in a bun.

Season to season, there’s only a minor change in my personal style. Obviously during the winter and fall, there’s a lot of sweaters and coats and layering going on. I also wear lots of impractical pairs of heeled boots! During the spring and summer, I do still wear sweaters when it’s a little chilly or there’s AC but mainly I switch to wearing dresses everyday of the week. I love long floral, flowing dresses but I’m a huge fan of mini and midi dresses too! Also in the spring and summer, I’ll wear sandals or wedges everyday or mules! My mules honestly get worn year round because they are just so comfy and I have a few pairs with fur in the them. My jeans, t-shirts, button downs, and blazers are pretty consistent year round though.

As far as where I get most of my style inspiration, I have to attribute that to Instagram and Pinterest. For Pinterest, I like to just scroll through the home page and see what I find usually and pin according to what fits my boards. I also sometimes will search for something specific like “white pants outfit” or “Chanel shoes” and see what comes up. I also love to search for fashion week street style! I could scroll through those Pinterest photos for hours on end. On Instagram, I created a collection of saved outfit photos (and food pages and engagement rings because I have my priorities straight, obviously). In that collection, as I’m scrolling I’ll go through and save all he outfits that inspires me from my feed or my explore page so I can go back and find them later on, especially if I don’t feel like I want to follow the person’s page because I only liked that one outfit. I also religiously stalk through a few Instagrams because they have the most amazing and interesting style ever. Some of my all time favorites are @ariellecharnas (obviously), @weworewhat, @emilisindlev, @leandramcohen, @evachen212, and @allegrashaw.

So now I’m wondering, what inspires your personal style?

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My Fall Must Haves 2018

I’ve been talking about fall since August because it’s definitely the best season for fashion and there’s a lot of really good trends for this fall. I thought I would share some of the fall trends that I think are absolute staples this season.

Biker Boots

These are very cool. They are sort of western/biker looking boots with all the buckles and studs. I also love the super chunky heel that they tend to have. These are not exactly my style, but I can absolutely appreciate them for someone else. These are from Steve Madden and I especially love the cut-outs!

SM Nancy Boots


These are an absolute staple for me! In all shapes and colors. I’m loving the ones from &OtherStories and Zara but you can find more affordable versions at Forever 21 and H&M too. These are perfect when styled with jeans and a t-shirt for a smart casual look. Add on some sneakers to keep it casual or heels for a day to night look. This corduroy one from &OtherStories is definitely on my wishlist this fall!

&OtherStories Blazer

Teddy Coats

Teddy coats are the way to go for fall and winter. They’re so dang cozy and they look fantastic with everything. I’ve had a few of these coats in the last year but I finally upgraded to this one from SomethingNavy at Nordstrom because I really had no choice. It’s just perfect. There’s plenty of these at Nordstrom and Revolve as well as Forever 21 for more affordable options.

Knee High Boots

I can’t even get over how much I love knee high boots. Not the riding boot style, though. Like the slouchy suede knee high boots. CAN’T GET OVER THEM. They’re so pretty with dresses for the fall and winter and they keep you nice and warm too. I need them in all the colors. Well, all the neutral colors. And maybe leather too. These babies from Steve Madden are on pre-order and you best believe they are in my cart right now.

SM Tila Boots

Washed Black Denim

As an alternative to black denim, I find myself reaching for my dark gray/washed black denim. I love them for work and for play on the weekends. I think they sort of lighten up the look but still give the same effect as black jeans. I never really even want to wear my black jeans anymore! I found these ones from Topshop and I am LIVING in them.

Topshop Joni Jeans

Light Wash Distressed Denim

Usually light wash denim is a spring and summer thing, but I really like it for the fall and winter right now with cozy sweaters and blazers. I think they are still a good transitional piece and I think the light wash helps break up the dark colors that usually come with fall outfits. It’s also a good way to add more color into your wardrobe now that neon is such a big trend for the fall. I like these from GRLFRND at Revolve.

GRLFRND Denim Revolve

Graphic T-Shirts

I’m going through a phase of really loving graphic t-shirts. Especially with jeans and blazers because I already told you about smart casual a hundred times. I’m not sure what happened but a year ago I couldn’t justify spending $30 on a t-shirt and for some reason this year I’m all about it. I think it’s such a cool way to dress down an outfit and spice up your regular jeans and t-shirt. However, if you don’t want to spend $30 on a t-shirt, Forever 21 has lots of good options like this.

Suede Moto Jackets

I also love suede moto jackets. I’m on the HUNT for the perfect tan suede jacket, but until then I’ve fallen for some fun colored ones. I think this purple one from BLANKNYC is stunning! I also keep seeing burgundy, dark evergreen and navy ones that I love. I love a good jewel tone and it’s especially good as a jacket.

BlankNYC Jacket

Sock Boots

Frankly, I was unsure about these boots last year because I thought they were just trendy shoes and they’d be gone in a year. But here they are back again. I think the style is extremely flattering on most everyone and it goes with so many looks that I think it’s here to stay. I finally found a pair that I absolutely loved from Arielle Charnas’ line with Nordstrom. I got them in the black and the white because I definitely needed both. Right? Steve Madden carries a slightly more affordable version, since the SN ones are sold out.


Button Down Tops

Because I’m doing the whole smart casual thing this fall, button down shirts have become a major player in my wardrobe. I’m very much into pairing them with mom jeans and ankle boots for a casual, but put together look for work. They are also perfect to transition into the evening by layering with a blazer, patterned jacket or teddy coat. Really any kind of coat. I found this one at Zara and bought it in every color.

Zara Button Down

Shirt Dresses

I’m also really into shirt dresses right now. I already told you that I like button downs. You should have seen this one coming. Anyway, I think they are perfect to layer under sweaters with those knee high boots I was telling you about. I also think they are fun belted or with jeans/leggings and a cardigan or jacket. They’re really just an oversized button down so they are super versatile. I personally really like this one from Zara.

Zara Shirt Dress

Brown/Tan Faux Leather

I don’t think I can even explain to you how I feel about this. It’s not a HUGE trend, but it’s there and it’s peaking it’s head out. And I love it. Seriously. The only thing better than black leather is brown leather. I love these ones from Free People.

Free People Leather Pants

Chunky Scarves

Everyone loves a good chunky scarf and you’re lying if you don’t. This one is from Urban Outfitters.

Urban Outfitters Scarf


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