July Favorites 2019

The month of July was all about day trips and eating lots and lots of food. So, for my July Favorites, I figured I’d share some of the places I went (mostly around Long Island) to give you all a few last minute ideas for what to do this summer too! Let me know in the comments, what some of your favorite things were from this past month?

1. Greenport

A few weeks ago, I took a trip out to Greenport (on one of the hottest days of the year mind you) and it was such a nice easy experience. Greenport is all the way on the eastern end of long island, on the north fork. There’s all kind of great vineyards over there also! This day we went to visit the famous lavender fields, called Lavender By The Bay where the lavender is only in bloom for about 6 weeks in the summer! It’s a little pricey to get in at about $9 per person, but the field is one of the most instagrammable places around there, so it’s worth it (if that’s what you’re into). After that we stopped by the Greenport Harbor Brewing Company, which is cute and has a bunch of great beers. If you do a tasting there, you can even keep the glass! Finally, we stopped by Lucharitos for some tacos and margs and I had the BEST jalapeno margarita, probably ever. The duck breast tacos were also delicious!

2. Fire Island

For fourth of July weekend, we took a little trip out to Fire Island for a little R&R and lots and lots of drinks. We relaxed on the beach all day long, drank some beers out of red solo cups, and soaked up as much sun as possible. After a nice long beach day, we headed over to the bar there for rocket fuels which are frozen, rum, amaretto, and pineapple drinks. They were good, but I’m not big on frozen drinks so I only had one but it’s basically like a rite of passage. After that, we spent the night watching the fireworks, across the bay all across Long Island. If you ever get the chance to do this, take it! It’s an amazing view, that sort of makes you realize how small you are compared to the rest of the world.

3. White Plains

Also during fourth of July weekend, we took a trip up to White Plains and had ourselves a night. We spent the day and night drinking all kinds of margaritas, eating even more tacos and nachos and guacamole. We ended the night with some much needed Domino’s Pizza and some good old quality time. Th next morning, we treated ourselves to some bagels and coffee (and some Advil), which is not quite the same as the kind from Long Island but you know, it did the trick.

4. Montauk

Ahhh, Montauk. Honestly, one of my favorite places on Long Island. It’s the literally end of the island. It’s so far east that you could drive 2-3 hours to get there, and not even leave the island yet. It’s also got a little bit of everything. There’s tons of cute vineyards on the way there when driving through the Hamptons, lots of cute shops for food, coffee, and clothing on the way and even in town. There’s the Montauk Brewing Company, with the most aesthetically pleasing packaging for a beer you’ve ever seen. And of course, we can’t forget the beach. On my trip out there, we stopped for tacos (duh) at Tacombi, which is my favorite taco place in all of Long Island and Manhattan. Then we took a little walk around town to get some iconic Montauk apparel. They had sweatshirts 2 for $35! After that, we went to Kirk Beach which is the public beach in that town and finally our last stop was the Montauk Brewing Company for my favorite, the Watermelon Session Ale.

5. Michael Anthony’s Food Bar

THIS PLACE IS AMAZING. Truly and honestly, the most amazing culinary experience of my LIFE. Our host for the evening, Cassandra, is truly a sight to see. She has such a knack for what she does, you’d have to think she’s reading your mind. This restaurant in Wading River, NY is one where the host, basically reads the energy and the feel of the group and chooses your entire menu for you along with wine pairings for each course. It’s really a game of trust, and she hit the nail right on the head every single time. Some of our favorite dishes from that night included Spanish Octopus, Calamari, Wild Boar Ribs, Escargot, Duck Breast, Monkfish, and Lambchops. It was really the best experience and if you are adventurous and interested in trying new foods, I would highly recommend this place. However, save it for a special occasion, because the price tag is not fit for every day eating!

6. Core Life Eatery

This place is not as exciting as Michael Anthony’s Food Bar, but I love it just the same. There are a bunch of these restaurants all over, actually, but I’ve only just discovered it this month! This place is basically Chipotle, but for super healthy food. They have a variety of pre-selected grain or rice bowls, green bowls, and broth bowls or you can build your own. Everything is made with fresh produce and meats. The portions are a pretty good size, where you might not finish everything but if you did, you won’t feel horrible about it after. It’s really delicious and I highly recommend trying it out if you can!

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Weekend Getaway: Wine Touring

Over the weekend, my boyfriend and I took a little staycation out east to Riverhead, NY on Long Island. We visited a really great vineyard and brewery, ate some pretty delicious food and had a really wonderful weekend!

First things first, we stayed at the Hotel Indigo East End which was a nice hotel! The public space (lobby, restaurant, etc.) were so nice and looked like they had recently been renovated. Being that I work with hotels literally everyday at my job and travel often for pleasure, I have very high standards for my hotels. I will say I wasn’t thrilled with the hotel room, but it served its purpose. I also wasn’t thrilled with the service, but we didn’t spend much time there anyway so it wasn’t a deal breaker for me. One thing that I did like was that they offered a complimentary shuttle to and from the vineyards and breweries nearby!

Karen’s Outfit – Sweater: Something Navy / Jacket: Free People / Jeans: Topshop / Shoes: Steve Madden
Andrew’s Outfit – Shirt: Express / Jacket: RVCA / Pants: Lucky Brand / Shoes: Bass

Our first stop was the Baiting Hollow Farm and Vineyard which I mentioned in my previous post (March 2019 Favorites). I loved the atmosphere here and I think it was just a perfect day to sit outside, drinking wine with my wonderful boyfriend and people/dog watching. I also really loved the Pink Satin Rose! I would have liked to buy a bottle of it, and I honestly don’t know why I didn’t!

Baiting Hollow Farm and Vineyard
Sunglasses: Quay Australia (Style: Playa)

After that, we headed over to the Moustache Brewing Company which we picked mainly for the name. However, we were also pleasantly surprised by the beers they had and the great atmosphere! Luckily, we were able to try all 8 of their beers because there were 2 of us and we each got a flight of 4 beers (2 x 4 = 8 in case you missed that math). Some of our favorites included a blueberry and ginger beer (that had 10% alcohol content), as well as both of their ciders!

After that, we went back to the hotel and headed over to Bistro 72 for dinner. The restaurant was CROWDED so it was definitely our mistake for not making a reservation! Again, because it was crowded, the service was not the best but I have ultra high standards. However, the food was absolutely delicious and definitely worth the wait! I got the Maple Bourbon Salmon which was so yummy, I highly recommend. Andrew got a burger that was cooked perfectly and the fries were nice and crispy! We also got bourbon wings which were very flavorful.

Overall, I would say it was such a great experience! We had such a wonderful weekend exploring another part of Long Island that we don’t get to go to very often. Staycations have been such a nice way for us to spend some extra time together without going too far or spending too much money!

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