Things I Loved This Month: January 2020

I cannot believe January is already almost over! This month went by surprisingly quickly compared to in 2019. Last year January literally felt like it was 3 months long. This year, maybe because it’s been really busy at work and there’s been a ton going on in my personal life, it feels shorter but I’m not complaining over here. A few weeks ago, I said I wanted to hold onto the winter weather for a little bit longer (because I just bought a bunch of sweaters), but all of a sudden in the last week of January I’m feeling ready for spring. I’m trying not to wish the winter away, but the spring fever is definitely creeping in for me. Anyway, here’s some of my favorite things this month.

Teller’s American Chophouse – Islip, NY

This is the restaurant that Andrew and I went to for our anniversary dinner and holy cow it was delicious. The manager that night asked if we were celebrating anything special and then made sure our dessert had “Happy Anniversary” written onto the plates which was a really special touch. Our server was attentive and gave us such a good experience also. It was those small details that made us say that we’d love to go back. The food was also insanely good too. We happened to go during restaurant week so they had a price fixed menu option that we decided to do with a wine pairing and everything was so so good. I got lobster bisque as my starter and Andrew got some kind of bacon dish to start. We both got the Teller’s Delmonico which was the most delicious steak I’ve ever had and it came with truffle butter sauce and crispy fried onions and we added on a side of asparagus. For dessert we had cheesecake and a chocolate brownie with bourbon ice cream. Everything was amazing and I would highly recommend!

Serafina – New York, NY

This is the restaurant I went to for my birthday in the Meatpacking District of Manhattan and it was another hit for me! The inside of the restaurant is a gorgeous rustic Italian feel with exposed brick, dark wood and dim lighting for a really romantic atmosphere. They had lots of pasta dishes to choose from, some meat and fish entrees, tons of apps/soup/salad and dessert options. I got the eggplant parm because they didn’t actually have chicken parm on the menu which I have to say was disappointing but it was good so I don’t mind too much. Andrew got gnocchi with cherry tomatoes and that was absolutely delicious. I think I’d get that next time I go! Another thing I liked was that it was reasonably priced for a nice restaurant in Manhattan. I’m looking forward to going back and I would definitely recommend checking this one out!

& Other Stories

Earlier this month, I bought a scary amount of sweaters from & Other Stories which is a store I’ve had my eye on for a while. I always thought they made such beautiful pieces, but could never really afford to pay the price for the quality. I took the plunge and ordered a few sweaters that I felt were closet staples that I was missing and was so pleasantly surprised at how much I love them! The material on all the sweaters is thick and warm because most of the ones I ordered are made of a wool/alpaca blend. The colors are beautiful and they fit really well. They do have to be carefully cared for so as not to upset the fibers of the material but I think it’s worth it. These are the kind of quality items that I’ll be able to wear for years and years to come.

Smashbox Photo Finish Radiance Primer

This is an item that I rediscovered recently and I am so happy that I did. One thing I noticed since the beginning of this month is that my makeup looks really powdery and dry and I’m thinking it’s because I had been using a matte primer because I have naturally oily skin. Apparently that was too matte because my makeup has been looking extremely cakey this month and I hate it. I decided to try out just using this primer from Smashbox and it helped a ton! My skin looks glowy under my makeup, but it still lasts most of the day even with my (apparently not so) oily skin.

Boomerang for Google Chrome

This one is not really as interesting as the rest but it’s been a tool that has come in really handy over the last few months. Boomerang is a plug-in that you can add onto Google Chrome (completely free) and it gives you some extra tools for your Google Emails. I, personally, love to use it for the Delay Send option which allows you to type out an email and delay the send time for whatever time you want. I like to use this when I’m sending an email late at night and I want it to arrive in the person’s inbox in the early morning. Instead of getting up and hitting send at 8:00 am, I can hit send at 11:00 pm the night before and set the time of delivery for 8:00 am. It’s a huge lifesaver because I don’t like interfering with someone’s personal time at home. I’m a huge advocate for work life balance and I don’t want someone to feel pressured to respond to my email when they’re not working.

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Weekend In My Life: My 25th Birthday

This past weekend was a little bit hectic but it was a ton of fun! I celebrated my 25th birthday (which is actually today, the 21st of January) on Saturday with some friends with some good food and drinks. I have been really looking forward to this weekend because I feel like I’ve been planning it for so long. It was exciting to see it all come together finally. I hope you enjoy reading about this weekend in my life!

So this weekend was a bit of whirlwind, but I think it turned out okay. I didn’t take many photos honestly because I was living in the moment but I made sure to get just one of my outfit at 12:00 am after getting my Shake Shack order. On Saturday night, I went out for my birthday with some family and friends. There was some snowy/wet weather which sort of put a damper on the evening because a few people couldn’t make it, but we still had fun!

For dinner, we went to Serafina in Meatpacking which is a nice Italian restaurant. They had a really wide variety of dishes on their menu and a pretty long drink list too which was exactly what I was hoping for. We got some calamari for an appetizer and I got eggplant parm for dinner. I also got my favorite wine, Josh Cabernet Sauvignon. It was the best dinner I could have asked for that night.

After that, we walked around the block over to Common Ground NYC which is a bar in the Meatpacking district also. It was about 7:30 pm when we got there but you would have thought it was 2:30 am based on how packed it was! It was nuts. But I was happy to be there and got to dance around, plus it thinned out a bit around 8:00 pm (probably because everyone realized they should go home after being there all day, but it was still too early to go out for the night). I drank my usual tequila sodas and had myself a good time dancing (mostly by myself).

After that, we decided to chill out and headed to the Biergarten at the Standard Hotel nearby. Here we got some authentic German beers and a giant pretzel which was a nice treat! Soon after this most of my friends headed home but Andrew and I stayed out and walked around a bit for some extra QT (quality time) together. We walked uptown and found Mexicue and decided to stop for some margaritas which were really yummy! After that we headed home to finally get some sleep after a long day, but stopped for Shake Shake of course (see photo below).

Overall, I had a good birthday and I’m happy I decided to go out instead of staying home because of the weather. It was a great way to start off my 25th year and I’m looking forward to see what else is in store for me!

Me after ordering Shake Shack at 12:00am: “Andrew, take a picture of my outfit!”

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January 2019 Favorites

For my favorites this month, I’ve got some really good ones that I’m in to and frankly, I’m an advocate for quality over quantity. I’ve been really into social media this month and going out and denim (again). So sit back, relax, and read about my January favorites!

1. Straight Leg Jeans

I talked about these babies last week in my OOTD post and I told you how obsessed I am with them. Like weirdly obsessed. Straight leg jeans have been around forever, but they just recently became trendy again and I was not on board for a long time about these. However, I’m really into the raw hem and distressed versions and frankly an influencer is what convinced me to try them so I’m easily influenced and it’s fine. My favorites are from Topshop and they are linked here for you.

2. Headbands

Headbands of all sorts are very trendy these days and frankly I used to really struggle with headbands. They never fit my head and I hated the ones that went all around your head because they would always slide off and it was SO ANNOYING. I like the ones that have a little knot at the top, but I’m really open to all types these days. They’re so cute!

3. @idktonight

This is an Instagram account and website that offers date night ideas for EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. Like 7 days a week. They give suggestions for New York City only because that’s where they are based and they pick 3 different neighborhoods to give suggestions for each day. Each date has 2 parts usually dinner and drinks or an activity such as art exhibits, comedy shows and so much more. It’s really cool honestly and it’s been so nice to get new ideas from scrolling through their site and Instagram stories.

4. Pinterest

I have been crazy into Pinterest this month! Mostly because I’m lacking real life inspiration, but also because there’s lots of fashion going on this month with all the couture shows in Paris. I absolutely love to look at fashion week street style on Pinterest! It gives me the most inspiration because it’s just super fashion forward looks, worn with confidence. Here is my Pinterest if you want to check out what I’ve been pinning lately!

5. Jalapeno Margaritas


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