What I’m Thankful For: 2019

Happy Thanksgiving!! I wanted to do a quick post today to share some things I’m thankful for. November is the national month for giving thanks and while we should be thankful all the time, the holiday season makes you feel especially thankful. I do my best everyday to be thankful for the way my life has turned out, but sometimes it slips my mind because I’m human. Keep reading to see some of the things I’m thankful for this year, in no particular order.

  1. My family
  2. Andrew & his family
  3. My friends
  4. My job
  5. The fact that I get to wake up every day excited about something (something meaning this blog)
  6. My creativity
  7. My dedication to the things I choose to commit to
  8. My house
  9. My need to research every detail before I make most decisions
  10. My love for coffee
  11. My love for wine
  12. All the wonderful, creative, and sweet bloggers I’ve made connections with over the last few months
  13. All the bad things that happened in 2019
  14. How much I grew into what I feel is my most true self so far
  15. Everyone who has supported me in the last year! I would not be here without you.

Now that I’ve shared what I’m thankful for, I want to know what you’re thankful for. Leave a comment below and let me know what your most thankful for this year!

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Four Cute Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas

I know what you’re thinking, “Isn’t it a little soon to be planning Thanksgiving outfits?” The answer is no, because I’m light years behind all the other bloggers by doing this TWO WEEKS before Thanksgiving. Anyway, Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays so I’m excited that it’s almost here. I truly cannot believe that we are getting into the full swing of the holidays now and 2019 is almost over. It really feels like yesterday that I was celebrating Christmas with my family at home and now it’s around the corner, but I digress. To get you in the holiday spirit I’m sharing 4 super cute and super easy outfits to wear for Thanksgiving dinner.

Outfit 1:

I shared this leopard dress last week in my going out outfits post and now I’m sharing it again for Thanksgiving because ~ versatility ~ is key. This time though, I threw a cozy sweater from American Eagle over top and belted it at the waist for some added shape. I also paired it with these gorgeous leather OTK boots from Steve Madden. I found these boots at an outlet in Sunrise, FL and have literally never seen them since but they are the best over the knee leather boots I can find and I wish could share the link with you. However, this outfit would look super cute, if not cuter, with knee high leather boots like these Sam Edelman ones that I have my eye on.

Sweater: American Eagle / Dress: Zara / Boots: Steve Madden
Sweater: American Eagle / Dress: Zara / Boots: Steve Madden
Sweater: American Eagle / Dress: Zara / Boots: Steve Madden

Outfit 2:

I love this pretty sweater dress and I wish it was still available. I got it from Mink Pink via Revolve about 2 years ago and never appreciated it until this past year! It’s so warm and cozy so it’s great to wear with knee high boots to essentially keep you completely covered up! Here’s a similar sweater dress for you, linked here. I decided to belt it for some added shape and wear my favorite Zara boots for some color. This is definitely one of my favorite outfits!

Dress: Mink Pink / Boots: Zara
Dress: Mink Pink / Boots: Zara
Dress: Mink Pink / Boots: Zara

Outfit 3:

For this one I wanted to be super comfy, yet still put together and for me that means cozy pants and a big comfy sweater. I have shown these Abercrombie belted pants a bunch of times because you know I love them so much! As for this sweater, I think it speaks for itself. I saw it and knew I had to have it and I was hitting the check out button before my mind even knew what was happening. Okay, not really but I do love this because the colors are so pretty together. They make this sweater more neutral because you can wear it with SO many different colors and it will still look like it “goes together”. The sweater is linked here for you and comes in tons of colors.

Sweater: American Eagle / Pants: Abercrombie / Shoes: Gucci
Sweater: American Eagle / Pants: Abercrombie / Shoes: Gucci
Sweater: American Eagle / Pants: Abercrombie / Shoes: Gucci

Outfit 4:

Last but not least, this one is a little more business casual but I think it’s still really cute. I like the idea of wearing trousers instead of jeans sometimes because it dresses it up, but a sweater keeps it casual still. These are the same target pants that I raved about earlier this season and I feel the same way about them now. The sweater is also a recent purchase and I love the color! Perfect for fall and it goes with just about everything I own, because you know I love brown everything. Sweater is linked here for you!

Sweater: American Eagle / Pants: Target / Shoes: Something Navy
Sweater: American Eagle / Pants: Target / Shoes: Something Navy
Sweater: American Eagle / Pants: Target / Shoes: Something Navy

Finally, another big thank you to our friend Eric Dulmovits for his awesome work shooting these photos. He was such a big help and I am so happy with how these photos came out. He does great work (obviously) and was so quick to get these back to us. I’m thankful to have such a talented friend! If you are in the Long Island area and looking for a photographer, please reach out to him! Send him an email for bookings at and check out his Instagram @ecdulmo to see more of his work!

In the comments below, let me know what your Thanksgiving plans are!

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3 Holiday Makeup Looks

It’s that time of year again when you constantly have holiday parties and events to go to where you get dressed up a little bit more than usual. So, I wanted to share some holiday make up looks that are good for any occasion. When I’m not sure what to wear or I’m not totally happy with my outfit, I usually take that opportunity to play around with my makeup and do something a little more fun. Here’s 3 holiday make up looks for you!

Look #1

For the first look, I wanted stick with something a little bit more classic and what’s more holiday classic than gold eye shadow and a bright red lip? I did the same face routine as my Thanksgiving Makeup Look. I switched out my blush for the BECCA blush in Song Bird and used my BECCA highlighter in Prosecco Pop to keep things festive. For my eye shadow, I went into my Naked 2 Palette and picked up Half Baked and placed that all over my eyelid. Then I used my Maybelline Line Stiletto liquid liner to line my lash line and did a very small flick. For my lips, I used my favorite red lipstick by Smashbox in the color Bawse.

Look #2

Using the gold shadow that was already on my lids as a base, I went back in with my Naked 2 Palette and covered my lid again with Snakebite which is pretty bronze shimmer color. For my crease, I just used my Naked Heat Palette and the color Low Blow which is a matte brown. Since the eyeshadow is a little bit darker and dramatic, I thought a pretty glossy nude lip would be pretty so I used my Kylie Lip Gloss in the color Exposed.

Look #3

For my final look, I wanted to try something a little bit different. I thought I would try a pretty reddish brown look to warm up my holiday makeup. I used my Naked Heat Palette again for this one and kept the same lip gloss on from Look #2. I used Low Blow in my crease again and then I went over my crease again with En Fuego which is a pretty red color. For my outer corner, I used Ashes to darken things up and add more dimension. On my lid, I wanted to do a really shimmery pretty red color so I used Dirty Talk.

I would use my Too Faced Better than Sex Mascara and my L’Oreal Voluminous Carbon Black or I’d throw on some false lashes depending on where I was going to finish all of these looks. And that’s it for my holiday make up looks!

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