Weekend Getaway: Lake Placid, NY

For this past weekend, I took a trip to Lake Placid with my boyfriend for Memorial Day. Today, I’m sharing some thoughts about it with you! Overall, it was such a wonderful trip and we had a really great time. It was a great start to our summer and we’re really looking forward to planning more weekend trips in the future.

To start, on our way up to Lake Placid, we actually stopped in Glenn Falls for lunch. We went to the Davidson Brother’s Brewery and got some soup and sandwiches and some beers! Andrew and I both agreed that this was our favorite meal of the whole trip, which definitely says something. We also stopped and got some gelato after lunch and then headed back on the road because we were running a little behind schedule.

We stayed in an Airbnb for this trip also since it was close by and it was such a great experience for us. The house was about a 10 minute drive from the town and had great amenities. The hosts were so sweet and friendly and provided everything we needed. We really enjoyed staying there and would definitely go back!

For our first night of dinner, we went to the Big Slide Brewery which was a really popular brewery in the area. We really like this place! We tried their hot pepper ale and a few of their mixed drinks which we really liked. The atmosphere was also great. It was young people, but not a crazy bar scene like you sometimes see. For dinner, we got an “impossible” burger (a vegan protein burger that is supposed to taste like meat) and a pizza with venison, pickled blueberries and pesto sauce. The food, unfortunately, was sub-par but we still enjoyed this place!

For our second day, we took a very long walk around Mirror Lake and through town. This was a wonderful day; the weather was perfect and we had a great time. It was warm and sunny which definitely played a factor in how exhausted we were after the walk. We stopped for coffee (a few times) and at a few shops in town. We also got lunch at The Cottage which is a really popular restaurant over looking the lake. This was probably our second favorite meal here! The drinks were in full pint glasses which is always a plus and the food was great! Our only complaint is that is was definitely overpriced but it was a great experience and we recommend this one.

On our way home, we took a stop in Saratoga Springs for lunch and some coffee and to walk around this area since Andrew had never been. Then we prepared ourselves for a slightly frustrating, very scenic, very long drive home.

Overall, this was a GREAT trip. A favorite of mine for sure, because we went at our own pace and didn’t try too hard to plan and jam pack our day with activities. It was relaxing and we enjoyed ourselves, but we decided we’re staying away from long drives for a little while!

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Weekend Getaway: New Paltz, NY

Over this past weekend, Andrew and I took a little mini vacation up to New Paltz, NY to do some hiking, relaxing and visiting his Alma Mater. We ate lots of great food, drank slightly too much and saw some great views while we were there. New Paltz is a really small college town but it’s really got some cute hidden gems!

Our first stop when we arrived in New Paltz was for lunch at La Charla, which is a Mexican restaurant right on Main St. We ordered our margaritas and some tacos and queso. The food was REALLY good and the drinks were really well made! We were pleasantly surprised considering the place was a ghost town when we walked in during lunch time! I personally wouldn’t go back next time just so we can try somewhere else, but it was a good choice for a first timer.

After lunch, we headed over to Lake Minnewaska to do some “hiking”. The trail was very easy to walk which is why I’m putting hiking in quotes but it was pretty high up so we got some beautiful views out of it. It was really humid and there were lots of bugs which is not my favorite thing but I think the views were worth the inconvenience.

After our mini hike, we headed over to our Airbnb to rest, shower and get ready for dinner. This place was one of the best I’ve stayed at. It was absolutely stunning and the host was fantastic to work with! My only concern was that it was about about 20 minutes outside of New Paltz, in the middle of nowhere so it made getting an Uber pretty difficult. I would probably prefer to stay somewhere closer next time but I really loved this place and would want to go back again!

For dinner that night, we went to the Gilded Otter which is a microbrewery right on Main St. with some really great beers and great food too! Andrew and I both got flights to start so we could try a few flavors and were both really happy with our choices. We both found one that we liked enough to get a full pint of. My favorite was the Sunset Blood Orange and Strawberry Sour Ale. There was also a raspberry wheat ale that I liked a lot!

After dinner, we headed out to the bars! Since it’s a college town, there were obviously lots of college students around. It was fun to people watch because we’re not in college anymore but we still vividly remember what it was like. We also both were so shocked (and ecstatic) to be paying $4 for a mixed drink because we got so used to paying $14 for them in NYC!

Overall, we had such a great weekend and were so happy to get to spend some quality time together in a new city. It was my first time in New Paltz and Andrew’s second time visiting his old college so it was a really special experience for both of us! I would highly recommend taking a trip over there if you can. We’re always surprised at how much we can do in our home state!

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