My Cute, Affordable Spring Accessories Haul

In one of my previous blog posts, I mentioned that I’m really looking forward to accessorizing this coming spring and summer. One reason for this is because I know that it’s the easiest way to make yourself look more put together! Adding on jewelry, a hat, a cute bag, whatever is the best way to trick people into thinking you know what you’re doing when it comes to fashion. For the spring and summer, I decided that I want to keep my style, really minimalist and focus on curating my style with some pretty accessories. Now I’m not always the best at remembering to accessorize, but when I do, I’m always happy I did! Keep on reading to see the cute and affordable pieces I got for this upcoming season! I’ll link as many items as I can as long as they are available still!


I was scrolling through Instagram recently and saw someone post a dupe for some really cute Celine sunglasses from Amazon. She mentioned that they were actually excellent quality for the price, so I figured “Hey, why not?” and I ordered them! I got them in the tortoise color and in black, both with polarized lenses (because they have a ton of non-polarized options). The shape is really cute and slightly oversize. I think they will actually be flattering on just about any face shape also, except maybe if your face is super round, they might make it look more round. They are under $20 and honestly, I’m really happy with them! These cute sunnies are linked here for the tortoise and here for the black for you!


A few months ago, I shared a dupe for the Bottega Veneta pouch bags from Amazon and I’m just here to share that I have, in fact, ordered more. These bags are incredibly roomy, easy to carry (because it has a removable strap), and pretty good quality for $30! The seller came out with 2 new colors and it was like he was reading my mind honestly. He added the prettiest deep blue color and my all time favorite a deep chocolate brown. He probably reads my blogs honestly. So of course, I had to get these! I have the large size already in tan, white, and black so these were a no brainer for me. The bag is linked here for you!

I also hopped on the baguette train and ordered a few baguette bags. I kept seeing these and knew I wanted to buy a designer one, but could never bring myself to spend $500+ for one even if it’s pre-owned. I figured, why not see on Amazon if they have anything similar first so I can try it out and see if I even like them. I always thought they’d be too small and I wouldn’t be able to fit all my things! Plus, I know this is a trend, so it’s sort of silly to buy an expensive designer one. I easily found the croc print ones I had been looking for and ordered them in brown, white and black! I always buy the neutral ones so I can use them with just about everything! These bags are linked here for you!


Last but not least, jewelry is the best accessory, of course. It’s so classic and easy, but can also be fun and bold! It makes it so easy to switch up your style. I’m a huge fan of Baublebar and I always buy jewelry there, especially in the summer. They recently released some really pretty vintage inspired pieces and it was perfect timing because some of my favorite earrings broke! I decided to replace them with these really pretty vintage button earrings. Both pairs have little pearls at the center and one has gold around the edge and the other is brown resin. Both are SO pretty! I also have some rings and necklaces I want to get, but I’m thinking I’ll get them for a slightly higher end retailer, like Mejuri! The gold pearl earrings are linked here and the pearl and resin earrings are linked here!

I also got these really cute Gucci dupe earrings from Amazon back in January, but I know they’ll be a spring staple for me! They are not incredible quality to be honest, but they are pretty good! Close up, you can see that they are definitely not perfect, but from far away they look really good! Plus they were super inexpensive! I even found them in a two pack for about $20 which is such a good deal and actually better than what I paid! Those earrings are linked here for you.

P.S. This post contains affiliate links and the various retailers may pay me a commission for any purchases made via the links above at no additional cost to you!

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My New Fall Fashion Haul: Abercrombie and Fitch

My New Fall Fashion Haul: Abercrombie and Fitch

Flashback to 2005, in middle school when all your friends wore Abercrombie and Fitch and did everything they could to show off their tiny little moose logo. It was the one thing that made you cooler than cool back then and now in 2019, it’s making a come back. Abercrombie has really stepped up with inclusive sizing and an overall revamp of their brand. I had seen tons of people raving about their clothes recently, so I decided to give it a try too! Keep reading to see what I picked out.

Outfit 1:

I have recently been obsessed with the color brown and when I say obsessed, I mean OBSESSED. I think it’s such a beautiful color and it goes so well with everything (even black). I found this gorgeous bodysuit in this brown satin and fell in love. It’s the prettiest color, and fits really well, although the sleeves are a bit tight around the wrist! This bodysuit is great for work because it has a clasp at the top to make it more conservative and then you can unbutton it for after work drinks or date night. I also found these mom jeans that I absolutely love. They are perfectly distressed, super comfy but don’t stretch out after one wear.

Outfit 2:

Similar to the brown top, I found a cream one. It’s not a bodysuit, it’s cropped and has a tie at the waist but the neckline is similar. It’s the same satin-y material which is just gorgeous in a pretty cream color like this one. I paired them with these black button up straight leg jeans and black ankle boots for a more casual look. The jeans fit really well, come up really high on your waist and do stretch out just a bit during wear. This is another look that’s great to transition from work to date night or drinks!

Outfit 3:

Say it with me, “Great for work or date night!” Everything I chose was meant to be great for work or for going out at night because that’s what my wardrobe was missing and I think Abercrombie has a great selection of pieces for that exact purpose. This top is super light, flowy, and cropped and perfect for summer and spring too! Layered with a sweater or jacket makes it great for fall, though. I love these jeans; they are probably my favorites out of all the ones I got! I love the color, they fit really well and make my butt look good too.

Outfit 4:

Last but not least, I found these cute tan belted tapered pants and I knew I had to have them. I was looking for pants that weren’t jeans, but weren’t trousers that I could still wear to work and these felt like the perfect fit. The belt adds a cute detail to the waist and the material is so cozy soft! I also got these camis in black and white because 1. you can never have too many camis and 2. they are such great layering pieces for work/going out with a sweater/blazer/leather jacket/etc.

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