What Inspires My Personal Style

Today I thought I would share some of my style inspiration with you all because I don’t think I’ve ever really gone over it and I’m sure someone out there is curious about it! I’m talking about what I define my personal style as, how it changes season to season, and who inspires me .

To start, my personal style is definitely a collection of basics and then lots of things that make you say, “Are you sure that’s what you’re wearing?”. They aren’t even really elevated basics either. They’re pretty regular basics but basics are always good because accessories then become the key to a distinct look. On an everyday basis (meaning for the office in the winter currently), I select from my extensive collection of sweaters, button downs, t-shirts, blazers and jeans. It’s concerning how many sweaters can fit in my closet honestly. That’s literally all my wardrobe is with the exception of a few dresses for more formal occasions, trousers for formal/business and lots of leather pants. The fun part of my look is usually my shoes because everything else is always so simple! I also love to layer on jewelry. You might have noticed that I like to have a pretty, gold stack of arm candy and big giant hoop earrings. I’m also recently into hair accessories which is fun because my hair is basically always down or in a bun.

Season to season, there’s only a minor change in my personal style. Obviously during the winter and fall, there’s a lot of sweaters and coats and layering going on. I also wear lots of impractical pairs of heeled boots! During the spring and summer, I do still wear sweaters when it’s a little chilly or there’s AC but mainly I switch to wearing dresses everyday of the week. I love long floral, flowing dresses but I’m a huge fan of mini and midi dresses too! Also in the spring and summer, I’ll wear sandals or wedges everyday or mules! My mules honestly get worn year round because they are just so comfy and I have a few pairs with fur in the them. My jeans, t-shirts, button downs, and blazers are pretty consistent year round though.

As far as where I get most of my style inspiration, I have to attribute that to Instagram and Pinterest. For Pinterest, I like to just scroll through the home page and see what I find usually and pin according to what fits my boards. I also sometimes will search for something specific like “white pants outfit” or “Chanel shoes” and see what comes up. I also love to search for fashion week street style! I could scroll through those Pinterest photos for hours on end. On Instagram, I created a collection of saved outfit photos (and food pages and engagement rings because I have my priorities straight, obviously). In that collection, as I’m scrolling I’ll go through and save all he outfits that inspires me from my feed or my explore page so I can go back and find them later on, especially if I don’t feel like I want to follow the person’s page because I only liked that one outfit. I also religiously stalk through a few Instagrams because they have the most amazing and interesting style ever. Some of my all time favorites are @ariellecharnas (obviously), @weworewhat, @emilisindlev, @leandramcohen, @evachen212, and @allegrashaw.

So now I’m wondering, what inspires your personal style?

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Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas

It took me a really long time to feel inspired to do Valentine’s Day outfits honestly. I am not typically the kind of person who likes to celebrate Valentine’s Day so I never really get in the mood for it. However, this year, I wanted to really try and come up with some cute outfits for all kinds of Valentine’s Day celebrations. After I put together my make up look, I all of a sudden was really inspired so here’s what I came up with!

Outfit #1

For more formal V-day celebrations, I had to include a pretty red dress for you ladies who let your man or lady spoil you on V-day. Or for you ladies who just like to get dressed. This one’s for you! I actually got this dress for a holiday party, but I hate buying things and then never wearing them again so I thought I would repurpose this dress for V-day. Paired with black shoes and a black bag and some glittery jewelry, it’s a pretty and feminine look.

Dress: Revolve / Shoes: Steve Madden / Necklace: Something Navy / Earrings: Francesca’s

Outfit #2

For something less formal and a little bit more cozy, I wanted to do a sweater dress like this one. It’s still pretty and dressed up when paired with these stunning burgundy leather boots, but definitely more casual than a tight mini dress. I also am obsessed with headbands and I thought this was the perfect outfit to add on a cute headband.

Dress: Something Navy / Boots: Zara / Headband: Something Navy

Outfit #3

For this outfit, I went way more casual with a simple jeans and t-shirt look but paired it with some heels because I still wanted to be a little dressy. That’s just how I am. Jeans, heels and t-shirt is my favorite outfit. This bright pink trench coat is a perfect layering piece for this otherwise simple and not festive outfit.

Coat: Something Navy / Shirt: Something Navy / Jeans: American Eagle / Shoes: Steve Madden

Outfit #4

This is definitely my favorite outfit! I might even wear this for my V-day plans! I thought the pink sweater was just so cute and paired with a leather skirt, it’s a perfect combination of edgy and girly. The white flats really just take the outfit up another level without becoming overly sexy. The pink hoops is just me going over board on the feminine touches. Whatever.

Sweater: Mango / Skirt: BCBG MaxAzria / Shoes: Something Navy / Earrings: Baublebar

Outfit #5

This last outfit is for all my ladies who want to have a cozy night in with their man or lady or their friends, who cares! It’s comfy and cozy and cute all at the same time. I’m really into sweatpants and crop tops with cardigans or sweatshirts. Put on some makeup though and you look like you actually tried!

Cardigan: Urban Outfitters / Top: Forever 21 / Joggers: Aerie / Sneakers: Fila / Earrings: Target

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January 2019 Favorites

For my favorites this month, I’ve got some really good ones that I’m in to and frankly, I’m an advocate for quality over quantity. I’ve been really into social media this month and going out and denim (again). So sit back, relax, and read about my January favorites!

1. Straight Leg Jeans

I talked about these babies last week in my OOTD post and I told you how obsessed I am with them. Like weirdly obsessed. Straight leg jeans have been around forever, but they just recently became trendy again and I was not on board for a long time about these. However, I’m really into the raw hem and distressed versions and frankly an influencer is what convinced me to try them so I’m easily influenced and it’s fine. My favorites are from Topshop and they are linked here for you.

2. Headbands

Headbands of all sorts are very trendy these days and frankly I used to really struggle with headbands. They never fit my head and I hated the ones that went all around your head because they would always slide off and it was SO ANNOYING. I like the ones that have a little knot at the top, but I’m really open to all types these days. They’re so cute!

3. @idktonight

This is an Instagram account and website that offers date night ideas for EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. Like 7 days a week. They give suggestions for New York City only because that’s where they are based and they pick 3 different neighborhoods to give suggestions for each day. Each date has 2 parts usually dinner and drinks or an activity such as art exhibits, comedy shows and so much more. It’s really cool honestly and it’s been so nice to get new ideas from scrolling through their site and Instagram stories.

4. Pinterest

I have been crazy into Pinterest this month! Mostly because I’m lacking real life inspiration, but also because there’s lots of fashion going on this month with all the couture shows in Paris. I absolutely love to look at fashion week street style on Pinterest! It gives me the most inspiration because it’s just super fashion forward looks, worn with confidence. Here is my Pinterest if you want to check out what I’ve been pinning lately!

5. Jalapeno Margaritas


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OOTD: Straight Leg Jeans

Hi Friends! I found a new style of jeans that I’m really into and I decided to style them and write a post about how much I love them 🙂

Sweater: Something Navy / Jeans: Topshop / Boots: Urban Outfitters / Scarf: Zara / Headband: Something Navy / Belt: Urban Outfitters

So, I’m really late to this trend because I usually hate trendy things, which you all know already. But I also get nervous about trying new styles of jeans because some are just not flattering when you have a smaller waist and bigger hips/thighs. Straight leg jeans have been really popular over the last few years but have especially been popular in 2018. Especially the ones with the distressing all over the legs and basically completely cut out thigh area or the cut off raw hem. I saw Ruby Holly on Instagram style a pair of straight leg jeans from Topshop and me, being easily influenced and obsessed with Topshop’s jeans, figured I should order a pair to try out. I am not exaggerating when I tell you, I was HOOKED. These jeans are the most flattering jeans I’ve ever owned. Seriously.

With that being said, I may have gone overboard and bought like 8 pairs but it’s okay because I wear jeans literally everyday of my life. And they look so good on me and I’m also extremely modest. Straight leg is a style that is really versatile and easy to style because 1. they’re still just jeans and 2. the cut is flattering on a lot of people. Sometimes people get freaked out when they wear anything other than skinny jeans but there’s a whole world of denim styles out there to explore.

Trying to keep things casual, I decided to style them with a navy blue sweater that is super cozy and comfy from Nordstrom. It’s one of my favorites from Arielle Charnas’ clothing line, actually. I’m also really into wearing these brown boots lately which is funny because I’ve had them for so long and literally never wore the until now. I’ve worn them like 5 times in the last week! The scarf was just to tie in some color from my red headband and for coziness of course. I would have put a coat on, but frankly didn’t feel like it. A pretty red or a camel coat would have been so cute!

I hope you liked this one!

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What I Wore: My 24th Birthday

So, I turned 24 yesterday. It’s pretty nerve wrecking to be honest. First, I’ll share what I wore though because that’s what you’re here for and then I’ll share my thoughts on my 24th year.

I decided to go out to the city and have some dinner and drinks. We went to Refinery Rooftop and had the best food I’ve had in a long time. We ordered the lamb sliders, the Butcher’s meatballs, and then a margherita flatbread. They were absolutely delicious and I would recommend then 10 times over. The signature cocktails were okay, not my favorite. I tried the Yuzu Margarita which I thought was much too strong and then I tried the Perfect Pear which was pretty good. I also loved the atmosphere and the decor. It was really relaxed, there was great music and a really great crowd. I loved this place and I want to go back soon!

Bodysuit: Forever 21 / Jeans: Topshop / Jacket: Nasty Gal / Coat: Something Navy / Shoes: Steve Madden

For my outfit, I wanted to keep things simple and a little bit sexy so I scoured the earth to find a lace bodysuit. I also wore these very cool color block straight leg jeans with gold crocodile print heels. The heels were my absolute favorite part!

So now for my thoughts on this new year of my life. It’s definitely scary and anxiety inducing to think about turning 24. There’s a lot that I think I should be doing and things I’m not satisfied with in my life. It’s also probably just a symptom of being a millenial and in my early 20’s but it’s a rough spot to be in when you’re in the thick of it. I know that it’s an opportunity for growth though but I also think it’s a good time to reevaluate what I want and what I expect out of myself. I have high standards for myself and my life and not reaching those standards gets frustrating but it’s not the end of the world. I have the rest of my life to get things together (but in a timely manner for my sanity, of course). It’s okay for me to take a step back and relax and it’s okay to be open and honest with myself. This is a special time in my life and I want to get the most out of this year. I’m trying to look forward to 24, no matter how scary the thought of it is.

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December 2018 Favorites

For the month of the December, I honestly don’t have a lot of favorites because I really haven’t added very much to my routine this month or tried anything new. However, I do have some fashion and lifestyle favorites that I’d like to share so let’s just dive into it, shall we?

1. Sweaters

I’ve really been into sweaters this month which I know is like, “Karen, seriously? It’s December.” But, hear me out! Of course, during the day at work I wear a heck of a lot of sweaters but recently I’ve really been into wearing sweaters for my more casual days where I probably didn’t even leave the house. I’m all about comfort and not really getting dressed if I don’t have to and this month I did a lot of that. I spent a majority of my days in sweatpants but instead of wasting away and feeling gross all day, I decided to throw on a sweater with my sweatpants. For me, it was like when Carrie Bradshaw had on a pearl necklace with her pajamas in Sex and the City. It really brought the casual look together, therefore, sweaters are topping my list for December.

2. Casual Evening Tops

Again, this is another kind of obscure, weird one but hear me out. This month, I’ve been going out a lot at night for more casual dinners or drinks where it’s not casual enough to wear a sweater, but not formal enough that I need to really dress up. However, I always struggled with figuring out what to wear with my various pairs of jeans and boots. Finding tops that I like is always a struggle but this month, I really embraced my new Smart Casual style and purchased some dressy but still pretty casual tops and they have really changed the game for me. It’s a collection of button downs, printed tops, tops with interesting sleeves, etc and they all look great with jeans which was the whole point! Not sure why I never had these in my wardrobe in the first place! I’ve been getting all of mine from Zara and Something Navy at Nordstrom.

3. Pointed Toe Ankle Boots

For the last 2-3 months, I have been going way overboard with wearing ankle boots and I now have a disturbing amount taking up space in my closet. But to be very specific, I’m just plain obsessed with pointed toe, skinny ankle/sock fit boots that have a 3-3.5 inch heel. That’s my sweet spot and my go to for just about every occasion these days. They work so well for work, for dates, for going out with your friends. Literally for everything. My favorites are from Something Navy (of course) but Steve Madden also has a few pairs that I’ve really been loving.

4. Leggings

Again, because I was in a very comfortable phase of my life, I wore a heck ton of leggings and I may never go back to wearing real pants. The best and only pairs I will wear are from Target’s A New Day brand.

5. The Gym

In December, I really went full force into my workouts. I had been getting a little bit stagnant with my workouts and decided to switch things up and really get back into gear this month. My favorite addition to my workouts this month has been drop sets, which is when you start with your heavy weights and drop the weight down every set. I really put these to work on my leg days and it’s made a major difference so far and I love it. The gym has definitely been my best friend this month.

6. Dior Show Lash Primer and Volume Mascara

I just got this mascara right at the end of December and used it for New Year’s and it is a game changer. I bought both the primer and the mascara and they really work wonders together. I naturally have pretty long lashes, but the primer really extends them even more and the mascara gives me so much volume without being clumpy or spidery. My only issue with this mascara is that it’s not black enough so I still layer my L’Oreal Voluminous Carbon Black mascara over it and it’s amazing. 10/10 would recommend.

7. My Top Songs of 2018 on Spotify

Not to toot my own horn or anything but I have great taste in music. I thoroughly enjoyed my Top Songs of 2018 playlist on Spotify. Except for a handful of songs, I think it was really reflective on my music taste for this past year. I literally listened to this playlist all month long because I think it’s so good. You can listen to it here if you want!

What were some of your favorites for December 2018?

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Layering for Winter

I’ve talked about layering for the winter several times before but I thought it was important to dedicate a whole post to it because that’s how much I love it. Today I’m sharing 5 outfits featuring various ways to layer your clothes and stay cozy this winter while still looking put together and stylish. Hope you enjoy!

Outfit #1

I’m starting with some black distressed jeans and a white long sleeve T-shirt as my first layer. Over that, I put on a lightweight black sweatshirt from Zara and over that goes my outer layer, this furry leopard coat. Simple black ankle boots keep this look very casual but more put together. You could also switch out the boots for sneakers if that’s something you’re into! It’s definitely not something I’m into though LOL.

Coat: Target / Long Sleeve: Zara / Sweatshirt: Zara / Jeans: American Eagle / Boots: Urban Outfitters

Outfit #2

Again, I’m starting with some distressed jeans and white T-shirt but decided to throw on a black blazer over top. This one is from BCBG and I think they make the BEST blazers! Over that, I put on a pink coat for another layer of warmth and also because it looks cute (obviously). I love white boots this winter so here they are.

Coat: H&M / T-Shirt: Something Navy (Nordstrom) / Blazer: BCBG MaxAzria / Jeans: American Eagle / Boots: Something Navy (Nordstrom)

Outfit #3

For this look, I ditched the pants, but feel free to put some on if you live in a very chilly climate! I decided to go with some black over the knee boots and an oversize button down from Zara. To add some color and dimension, I added this chunky red turtleneck from H&M and then my oversize leather trench coat. Black suede over the knee boots keep this look very sleek when paired with all the oversize pieces on top.

Coat: Something Navy (Nordstrom) / Sweater: H&M / Button Down: Zara / Boots: Goodnight Macaroon

Outfit #4

No pants for just one more outfit! I wanted to layer this black turtleneck top underneath this really lightweight/sheer leopard dress from Zara. I added tights for warmth and some slouchy boots for style. Camel coat over top because I freaking love this coat and it goes with everything.

Coat: Something Navy (Nordstrom) / Turtleneck: H&M / Dress: Zara / Boots: Something Navy (Nordstrom)

Outfit #5

For this last outfit, I wanted to add some color again. I started with my favorite distressed light wash mom jeans and a cream sweater from Something Navy. I love layering a leather jacket over sweaters so that’s exactly what I did! Over that, I added this pretty pink trench coat from Something Navy, more so for style than warmth. And again, I’m really into white shoes so that’s what I thought I’d wear on my feet for this one!

Coat: Something Navy (Nordstrom) / Jacket: Nasty Gal / Sweater: Something Navy (Nordstrom) / Jeans: Topshop / Shoes: Steve Madden

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