What I Wore: My 24th Birthday

So, I turned 24 yesterday. It’s pretty nerve wrecking to be honest. First, I’ll share what I wore though because that’s what you’re here for and then I’ll share my thoughts on my 24th year.

I decided to go out to the city and have some dinner and drinks. We went to Refinery Rooftop and had the best food I’ve had in a long time. We ordered the lamb sliders, the Butcher’s meatballs, and then a margherita flatbread. They were absolutely delicious and I would recommend then 10 times over. The signature cocktails were okay, not my favorite. I tried the Yuzu Margarita which I thought was much too strong and then I tried the Perfect Pear which was pretty good. I also loved the atmosphere and the decor. It was really relaxed, there was great music and a really great crowd. I loved this place and I want to go back soon!

Bodysuit: Forever 21 / Jeans: Topshop / Jacket: Nasty Gal / Coat: Something Navy / Shoes: Steve Madden

For my outfit, I wanted to keep things simple and a little bit sexy so I scoured the earth to find a lace bodysuit. I also wore these very cool color block straight leg jeans with gold crocodile print heels. The heels were my absolute favorite part!

So now for my thoughts on this new year of my life. It’s definitely scary and anxiety inducing to think about turning 24. There’s a lot that I think I should be doing and things I’m not satisfied with in my life. It’s also probably just a symptom of being a millenial and in my early 20’s but it’s a rough spot to be in when you’re in the thick of it. I know that it’s an opportunity for growth though but I also think it’s a good time to reevaluate what I want and what I expect out of myself. I have high standards for myself and my life and not reaching those standards gets frustrating but it’s not the end of the world. I have the rest of my life to get things together (but in a timely manner for my sanity, of course). It’s okay for me to take a step back and relax and it’s okay to be open and honest with myself. This is a special time in my life and I want to get the most out of this year. I’m trying to look forward to 24, no matter how scary the thought of it is.

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Layering for Winter

I’ve talked about layering for the winter several times before but I thought it was important to dedicate a whole post to it because that’s how much I love it. Today I’m sharing 5 outfits featuring various ways to layer your clothes and stay cozy this winter while still looking put together and stylish. Hope you enjoy!

Outfit #1

I’m starting with some black distressed jeans and a white long sleeve T-shirt as my first layer. Over that, I put on a lightweight black sweatshirt from Zara and over that goes my outer layer, this furry leopard coat. Simple black ankle boots keep this look very casual but more put together. You could also switch out the boots for sneakers if that’s something you’re into! It’s definitely not something I’m into though LOL.

Coat: Target / Long Sleeve: Zara / Sweatshirt: Zara / Jeans: American Eagle / Boots: Urban Outfitters

Outfit #2

Again, I’m starting with some distressed jeans and white T-shirt but decided to throw on a black blazer over top. This one is from BCBG and I think they make the BEST blazers! Over that, I put on a pink coat for another layer of warmth and also because it looks cute (obviously). I love white boots this winter so here they are.

Coat: H&M / T-Shirt: Something Navy (Nordstrom) / Blazer: BCBG MaxAzria / Jeans: American Eagle / Boots: Something Navy (Nordstrom)

Outfit #3

For this look, I ditched the pants, but feel free to put some on if you live in a very chilly climate! I decided to go with some black over the knee boots and an oversize button down from Zara. To add some color and dimension, I added this chunky red turtleneck from H&M and then my oversize leather trench coat. Black suede over the knee boots keep this look very sleek when paired with all the oversize pieces on top.

Coat: Something Navy (Nordstrom) / Sweater: H&M / Button Down: Zara / Boots: Goodnight Macaroon

Outfit #4

No pants for just one more outfit! I wanted to layer this black turtleneck top underneath this really lightweight/sheer leopard dress from Zara. I added tights for warmth and some slouchy boots for style. Camel coat over top because I freaking love this coat and it goes with everything.

Coat: Something Navy (Nordstrom) / Turtleneck: H&M / Dress: Zara / Boots: Something Navy (Nordstrom)

Outfit #5

For this last outfit, I wanted to add some color again. I started with my favorite distressed light wash mom jeans and a cream sweater from Something Navy. I love layering a leather jacket over sweaters so that’s exactly what I did! Over that, I added this pretty pink trench coat from Something Navy, more so for style than warmth. And again, I’m really into white shoes so that’s what I thought I’d wear on my feet for this one!

Coat: Something Navy (Nordstrom) / Jacket: Nasty Gal / Sweater: Something Navy (Nordstrom) / Jeans: Topshop / Shoes: Steve Madden

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What I’m Reading: December 2018

For the month of December, I decided to read a book called Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance by Angela Duckworth. I was at Barnes and Noble one day and it sort of just caught my eye so I decided to buy it. It seemed like a pretty good book and it was based around different case studies so I thought it could be really interesting.

To be completely honest, I didn’t love her writing style but I thought the content was very interesting. Basically, she spends the first part of the book explaining what exactly grit is. Grit at the very base is a combination of passion for what you’re doing and perseverance through the hardships that come with getting good at it. It’s more than just being talented at something, although talent does tend to help, it’s more about the effort that you put into your work. She also goes over the Grit Scale that she developed during her research. It’s a series of questions that once scored can help you determine just how gritty you are.

Then she dives a little bit deeper into how grit develops in a person and what you need to be gritty. Digging deeper, she explains that in order to develop grit you need to start with a basic interest in what you want to be gritty about. Throughout the book she refers to athletes who started playing their sport very young and loving it. After interest, you also need to practice diligently and way more than any of the other people who are doing the same thing. Finally after that you develop a sense of purpose surrounding your craft and for most of the gritty people out there, the purpose has to do with helping people.

Next she goes into how some outside influences can also help develop grit in a person. She discusses how your parenting style can help develop grit in children and later in life. A key component of this is that you need to be supportive and demanding as a parent when it comes to your kids extracurricular activities. It’s also important to have a role model outside of your immediate family that can also be supportive and demanding. Another way to develop grit from the outside in, is by surrounding yourself with gritty people. Being in a “culture of grit” is bound to make you raise your standards and develop gritty habits.

Overall, I thought the book was well researched and very insightful. She referenced so many case studies which is really what I’m looking for in the books I read lately. Although the writing wasn’t my cup of tea necessarily, the content was great and I would definitely recommend this book! It made me feel like even though I’m not very gritty now, I can work on it and develop more grit which would come in really handy for this blog!

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Casual Holiday Outfits

It’s almost Christmas time and that means there’s lots of holiday happenings! Whether it’s an office holiday party or a casual night out with friends, there’s plenty to do and you probably need to wear clothes for it. So today, I’m sharing some easy holiday outfits that aren’t overly festive so you can wear them for pretty much any occasion.

Outfit #1:

I love a pretty dress and patchwork print is VERY in for the fall/winter. So Zara combined two of my favorite things and made them into a pretty satin dress. Bonus points because it’s also pretty shades of red and burgundy which is very festive. I paired it with these leather burgundy knee high boots because I also love a monochromatic look. I finished the look off with a white sherpa overcoat.

Dress: Zara / Boots: Zara / Coat: Something Navy

Outfit #2:

Every one loves camel and black together so it’s definitely an appropriate combo for the holidays. If you’re looking for something a little bit more laid back and less festive, neutrals should be your go-to. I took this camel color turtleneck sweater and paired it with some plain black jeans, threw on some black suede booties and we have a look. And if you don’t have a camel coat, GO BUY ONE.

Top: Urban Outfitters / Jeans: American Eagle / Boots: Public Desire / Coat: Something Navy

Outfit #3:

Ya’ll know how I feel about leather so I’m gonna skip that part. We all know it’s an essential for fall and winter. However, so is this pretty emerald green color! Jewel tones are perfect for the holidays, but as a casual sweater it’s less Ho-Ho-Ho and more I-can-also-wear-this-in-January. Again, things I’ve mentioned before that are here again are: knee high boots & camel coat. Go get them. You deserve them.

Sweater: Mango / Leggings: Topshop / Boots: Something Navy / Coat: Something Navy

Outfit #4:

Again a burgundy top is so pretty for this time of year, and the high neck and ruffles are very feminine are girly. Perfect for a date night or a night out with the girls. Pair with some gray jeans to keep things interesting and some heels you’re good to go! Also, let’s talk about this leather trench coat…how good is it!!! If you love leather as much as I do, I highly recommend investing in a leather trench.

Top: Something Navy / Jeans: Topshop / Shoes: Steve Madden / Coat: Something Navy

Outfit #5:

To keep things super casual, you can always go for a simple button down and some distressed jeans. We all know I love these mom jeans so much and I especially love them with a striped button down for just about any occasion.  White loafers keep things casual but still interesting and again the white sherpa coat and burgundy scarf add a little bit of holiday flare!

Top: Something Navy / Jeans: Topshop / Shoes: Steve Madden / Coat: Something Navy / Scarf: Zara

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How to Elevate a Simple Outfit

As you’ve probably all realized, I am the queen of simple outfits. I really don’t need much more than a plain t-shirt and jeans but I do think it’s really important to always try an elevate your outfit just a little bit more. Today I wanted to share a few ways that I like to level up some of my simpler outfits.

1. Add Jewelry

The most obvious and easiest way to enhance your outfits would be by adding jewelry. Personally, I love simple, classic and dainty jewelry but also lots of sparkle. A pretty and simple pearl earring or a name plate necklace are usually my go to but I also love to do big gold hoops or sparkly stud earrings. In the summer, I also love to add colorful, gaudy earrings because it’s always nice to be a little bit extra.

2. Add Print or Color

Another staple I think when it comes to elevating a basic outfit is adding on a print or a color. You know I’m a big fan of leopard print so doing leopard pants, a jacket or shoes is super simple and very on trend. I also love a good pop of color or even color blocking. Heck, I even love mixing my prints and some color. Right now I absolutely am LOVING leopard print with light pink, it’s such a cute and simple way to spice up an outfit.

3. Paint Your Nails

I’m a firm believer that it’s the little things that make a huge difference so for me it’s very important to have my nails done. They tie your whole look together and make you look a thousand times more put together. It’s just a little extra step, but I know it always makes me feel great when I look down at my hands and see a freshly painted manicure, especially when I have my favorite rings on!

4. Do Your Hair/Makeup

I’m not saying that everyone needs to have a blow out and a full face of makeup every single day but if you really want to make yourself look a little bit more put together, doing your hair and makeup will definitely help. Not only does it make you look good, but you feel good too. And when you feel good you can really carry your outfit with confidence. You could literally wear a plastic bag but if you have your hair and makeup done, you feel like  a million bucks and that translates into how you look.

5. Wear Cool Shoes

Shoes are my absolute favorite part of every outfit. They can really take your outfit to the next level or change the whole entire vibe. So when I’m wearing a plain white t-shirt and jeans, to me that’s a blank slate. I can throw on a pair of doc martens and now my look is grungey. Throw on some kitten heel mules and I look more feminine. Throw on a pair of pointed toe heels and I look smart casual. Shoes completely change your outfit, so when in doubt put on your favorite shoes!

6. Use a New Purse

Sometimes when I feel bored with my outfits, I like to just change out my purse for something new. Not saying I buy a new bag every time I have a simple outfit on, but just switch to something I haven’t used in a while. Right now, I’m using my LV Neverfull for my work bag and I usually don’t switch it out. But say if I’m going out to dinner or drinks with friends, I’ll switch it out for a smaller bag like my Gucci Marmont or maybe my LV pouch if I don’t want to carry a lot with me. It’s not a major change, but it can really make a difference!

7. Add Another Layer

This one is actually one of my favorites and most used tips for elevating a simple outfit. I’m a major advocate for layering, especially now that it’s getting very wintery. A third (or a fourth) layer is good for added warmth but it also adds dimension to your outfits. Some of my favorite layering pieces are blazers and a leather jacket. If I’m wearing a t-shirt or sweater, I’ll add on a blazer for something more formal or a leather jacket for a very cool look. Then on top I add on whatever coat I decided to wear that day and there’s my layered look. It’s still easy, but now I look like I put in just a little more effort.

8. Add Texture

Last, but certainly not least, is adding texture. Using different materials in your outfits is a great way to create some dimension and interest in your simple outfit. I love crocodile print, because it’s not just a print. It actually has texture to it. I also always love to add in leather or some kind of faux fur or shearling. Even sequins or glitter is a good way to add some texture (if the situation calls for it, of course)!

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Thanksgiving 2018 Outfit Ideas

Being that Thanksgiving is already a week away, I decided to share some basic outfits that I think would be perfect for my favorite holiday. These outfits are put together but still comfy and cozy so you can eat everything on the table plus dessert! YUM!

1. Sweater Dress

If you didn’t see this coming, you have literally never done anything related to fall in your life. Sweater dresses are the best thing since sliced bread and I’ll tell you why: 1. COZY AF, 2. No pants, 3. No one will see your 9 months pregnant food baby (not that anyone really cares cause everyone has one anyway). If you pair it with cute knee high boots, then you look even more put together! AMAZING!

Dress: Target / Boots: Target / Scarf: Urban Outfitters

2. Leather Pants

This is how you stay comfy while pretending you have your sh*t together. Leather pants are the ultimate staple for faking it til you make it (as far as fashion goes). They’re leather so people will say “Wow look at her, she looks great and so put together!” but you’ll be thinking, “Thank goodness, I am cozy as heck and still have room for dessert”. Throw on a cozy sweater with a button down underneath and BOOM, you may or may not have possibly gotten ready before this dinner. You’re welcome.

Sweater: American Eagle / Shirt: Zara / Pants: Target /  Shoes: Steve Madden

3. Printed Dress

This one is similar to the sweater dress because of the no pants thing and the food baby thing. However, the material will make it more or less cozy than the sweater dress, but that’s not the end of the world right? A printed dress is always good because again, it makes you look WAY more put together than you actually are.

Dress: Zara / Boots: Public Desire / Scarf: Zara

4. Jeans + T-shirt

If you’re crazy enough to think of wearing jeans for Thanksgiving dinner, at least TRY and be comfortable. Nothing beats jeans and a t-shirt so that’s why I’m showing you this today. Add on a cozy cardigan over top and some slip on shoes and you’re basically ready for any occasion. Plus, it wouldn’t be the end of the world if you were to unbutton your pants at the end of your meal. Everyone would understand…

Cardigan: Something Navy / Shirt: Gucci / Jeans: Topshop / Shoes: Something Navy

5. Sweatshirt + Leggings

This one is for the girls who don’t give a f*ck about how they look while scarfing down their third plate of mac and cheese with extra gravy, half a turkey and their second slice of apple pie. You know who you are. If you can’t be bothered to put real clothes on for Thanksgiving dinner then don’t. No one’s judging you, honey. Throw on your best comfy sweatshirt and a pair of leggings and get your forks ready because you have a very long day of eating ahead of you.

Sweatshirt: H&M / Leggings: Target / Shoes: Steve Madden

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Favorite Fall/Winter Accessories

In the fall and winter, your accessories really help to make your outfit look less frumpy and more ~fashion~. It can be tough to look cute in the winter while also trying to keep warm. So, I rounded up some of my favorite kinds of fall accessories to make your fall and winter outfit styling easier.


I like all kinds of scarves, but personally I love a good blanket scarf. The bigger the better! I love all the colors and prints and patterns because you can really make it match your outfit no matter what. Because it’s part of your outerwear, it’s okay to wear your yellow scarf with your red sweater and your pink coat. That’s the best part! I love the scarves from Urban Outfitters and Zara.

Knit Hats

I love those chunky knit hats! They are so good for keeping your head toasty and hiding your bad hair day. Bonus points if it has a fuzzy ball on top too! If you’re not a hat person, a good alternative is a cute knit headband. I usually get mine from Target.

Gold Jewelry

I think gold jewelry is so pretty in the fall. It matches the changing leaves and the pumpkins perfectly. I love all kinds of gold jewelry, but recently I really love dainty gold jewelry like thin chain necklaces or tiny stud earrings. I also LOVE a very thin gold hoop!  I get most of my jewelry from Francesca’s, Target and Baublebar.

Oversize Clutches/Pouches

These babies are absolutely everywhere this fall and I am HERE FOR IT. It’s not quite the same as the mini bag trend that’s been around since the spring and summer, but it’s a similar concept. No one wants to carry a giant heavy bag around all day and I think this is a great alternative. They’re usually bigger than mini bags so you can fit all your necessities but you don’t have to weigh down your shoulders either! The only issue is you may not always have a free hand with these. Still cute, though!

Chunky Knit Socks

We all know there’s  nothing cozier than cuddling up on the couch with a pair of fuzzy socks and your jammies on. The best part about winter is that it’s also acceptable to wear your fuzzy knit socks out of the house! You have to keep your toes warm somehow! Pairing a nice thick chunky pair of socks with cute ankle boots is super trendy with jeans and even skirts if you’re daring enough to wear a skirt in the winter. Target has the BEST chunky knit socks, but I also love the ones from Aerie.


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