Spring Accessories

Today I wanted to share where I like to get some of my spring accessories because I have maybe been going overboard with buying them so might as well put them to use. I mainly wear earrings and bags so I’m sharing those and a few that I have in my shopping cart!

To start, here are some of the earrings that I bought and love and can’t wait to wear in the spring and summer months! I get majority of my earrings from Baublebar because they just have the best and most interesting statement earrings!

Left: Baublebar / Middle: Gianna Hoop Earrings – Baublebar / Right: Baublebar

Baublebar came out with a collection that is various animals/sea creatures so those are definitely all sitting in my shopping cart. The Cayman Drop Earrings are my absolute favorites but I also love the Flamingos and the Rainbow fish, all linked below!

Last summer, I was very into the wooden Arc bags that were popular as well as straw bags so I’m bringing them back for this year too. I got some of my favorites from Steve Madden, Goodnight Macaroon and Revolve.

This year, I’m into the beaded bags and mini bags in general! I also maybe like belt bags? I’m sort of late but honestly I like the functionality. Here’s a few that are sitting in my shopping cart!

A few other things that I have been really loving lately are Quay Australia sunglasses. Below are some of my favorites from last year. I wear the pink “Playa” (featured top right) style just about every day.

Top Left: Mod Star / Top Right: The Playa / Bottom Left: Like Wow / Bottom Right: My Girl

I hope you enjoyed!!

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Favorite Fall/Winter Accessories

In the fall and winter, your accessories really help to make your outfit look less frumpy and more ~fashion~. It can be tough to look cute in the winter while also trying to keep warm. So, I rounded up some of my favorite kinds of fall accessories to make your fall and winter outfit styling easier.


I like all kinds of scarves, but personally I love a good blanket scarf. The bigger the better! I love all the colors and prints and patterns because you can really make it match your outfit no matter what. Because it’s part of your outerwear, it’s okay to wear your yellow scarf with your red sweater and your pink coat. That’s the best part! I love the scarves from Urban Outfitters and Zara.

Knit Hats

I love those chunky knit hats! They are so good for keeping your head toasty and hiding your bad hair day. Bonus points if it has a fuzzy ball on top too! If you’re not a hat person, a good alternative is a cute knit headband. I usually get mine from Target.

Gold Jewelry

I think gold jewelry is so pretty in the fall. It matches the changing leaves and the pumpkins perfectly. I love all kinds of gold jewelry, but recently I really love dainty gold jewelry like thin chain necklaces or tiny stud earrings. I also LOVE a very thin gold hoop!  I get most of my jewelry from Francesca’s, Target and Baublebar.

Oversize Clutches/Pouches

These babies are absolutely everywhere this fall and I am HERE FOR IT. It’s not quite the same as the mini bag trend that’s been around since the spring and summer, but it’s a similar concept. No one wants to carry a giant heavy bag around all day and I think this is a great alternative. They’re usually bigger than mini bags so you can fit all your necessities but you don’t have to weigh down your shoulders either! The only issue is you may not always have a free hand with these. Still cute, though!

Chunky Knit Socks

We all know there’s  nothing cozier than cuddling up on the couch with a pair of fuzzy socks and your jammies on. The best part about winter is that it’s also acceptable to wear your fuzzy knit socks out of the house! You have to keep your toes warm somehow! Pairing a nice thick chunky pair of socks with cute ankle boots is super trendy with jeans and even skirts if you’re daring enough to wear a skirt in the winter. Target has the BEST chunky knit socks, but I also love the ones from Aerie.


P.S. Keep up with me on instagram: @karenmauritzenn