My Weekly Quarantine Outfit Recap: 3/23/20 – 3/28/20

This week is officially week 2 of working from home and living in isolation during the coronavirus pandemic. Last week, was honestly not too bad as I was enjoying my freedom really. This week, started off a bit rocky but hopefully the rest of the week will turn out a little bit better. At this point, we really have no idea what the future holds, so I’m taking things day by day and hoping for the best. I hope you are all doing okay also and things are holding up for you.


Today was definitely off to a rocky start. It was really rainy and gloomy out all day, which probably just made things worse. One thing I have grown increasingly frustrated with over the last few months is wanting to blog full-time. I really truly enjoy working at home, having flexibility, creating content and sharing my life. However, when I’m not really making any money blogging, that would definitely not be a smart idea. It’s something I had never really considered when I started my blog, but in the last few months of feeling overwhelmingly creative, it feels like the best option for me. It’s a ton of work to write and maintain a blog and social media, but I really truly enjoy it. I’m hoping I can get where I want with this and in the meantime I’ll be patient. But today, it was something that sort of set me over the edge. I had some major feelings about wanting to blog full-time today that made me really upset and frustrated, so after that I took things slow and allowed myself to take a break. It’s tough feeling like we want something so bad and we’re working so hard for it and it’s not working out, but I hope to get there when it’s right for me. As long as I keep on working at it, I’ll be where I want.

Cardigan: American Eagle / Top: Target / Pants: Under Armour


I woke up Tuesday and still wasn’t really feeling that great again. It was a beautiful sunny day, but I was just feeling down and sad. Maybe all the stress and emotions of everything going on finally was getting to me, but I just felt sad, tired, and completely unmotivated. It was not a great feeling, but unlike Monday, I decided to push myself to feel better. I had a good breakfast, showered and was starting to feel better eventually. Because I was in a bad mood on Monday, it was so easy for it to carry over into Tuesday! I had to make sure that I didn’t let it affect me that much because in a situation where you’re isolated by yourself for several weeks, it could have easily turned into an even worse situation. I also got confirmation from my job, that we would definitely not be back in the office for at least another 2-3 weeks, which was comforting to hear for me. Thankfully, by the afternoon, I was feeling much better. Andrew and I eventually ordered in some dinner. We got the most delicious burgers I’ve had in so long and watched Love Island UK which we are now obsessed with. Overall, pretty good day!

Sweater: American Eagle / Leggings: Target / Shoes: Bearpaw


Today I’m feeling SO much better than yesterday! I’m not feeling as tired or sad at all. I did realize that working from home, doesn’t really feel like working so I’m not sure if that’s a good or bad thing… Either way, I’m happy to be feeling like myself again. I had a great breakfast, although I’m running out of breakfast ideas since I’m not used to eating a big breakfast every single day! I also got my yoga for the day done which has become part of my (almost) daily schedule. It’s a great mid-day break for me. It allows me to move my body and stretch after sitting around for a few hours. It’s been one of the best things I’ve added to my routine honestly. I’m also feeling creative again, so I am ready to start planning some blog content for April and May, as well as some interesting IG content! Earlier this week, I posted some IGTV’s on my Instagram that I was really proud of. I think moving forward I’m going to keep experimenting with new videos, but potentially save IGTV’s for like actual styling videos or maybe makeup tutorials or something. My goal is to also incorporate short, fun outfit videos into my regular grid without having to switch to IGTV after one minute. I’m planning on shooting some fun little videos tomorrow to test out! Another thing I keep wishing I did was buy a film camera before this so I could document my quarantine routine on film. I think it would be so fun to have those photos to look back on, and the film finish would just add a fun vintage touch. Don’t you think?

Sweatshirt: Vita Brillanti / Sweatpants: Aerie / Shoes: Bearpaw


Today I actually left the house and went out in public for the first time in nearly 2 weeks. I ran out of some groceries, so I decided it was finally time to go restock. I took a trip to Target and Stop & Shop because Target didn’t have everything I needed. To be completely honest, I was slightly terrified to leave and be around people. I had only really been around my mom and Andrew and his family for about 9 days and we were all feeling healthy. My fear stemmed from the thought that I was finally feeling really good and not sick anymore so I’d be putting myself at a major risk by going out in public. Because you don’t show symptoms right away, I also have no idea if I did get sick by touching the basket at the grocery story or the keypad on the credit card machine. I was careful to sanitize as soon as I left each store and washed my hands when I walked in my house, but I was concerned that wasn’t enough. It’s a strange feeling to feel so scared of going to a store that I’ve gone to probably hundreds of times. Something that only 2 weeks ago, was a completely normal part of my routine. I’m doing my best not to live in fear during this situation, but it’s also really easy to feel scared to leave your house at this point. I hope to stay healthy and continue being careful and staying home as much as possible. Only time will tell from here on out, but I’m hoping for the best.

Sweatshirt: Vita Brillanti / Jeans: Abercrombie (similar) / Shoes: Target


Friday was finally a pretty busy day at work! I had a few calls to sit in on, some research to work on and files to update so it was great to feel busy again. I ran some errands today that I didn’t get to do today. I got some more wine and delivered a few items to the post office. It felt less scary going out today, but I know that it will definitely be the last time for a while. I shouldn’t need to do anything else. I had been ordering some comfy clothes recently to keep my outfits interesting while I’m sitting at home and some of those arrived today which was great! I got some sweatpants from Abercrombie and I was very happy to have some nice, soft, and high quality new sweats to lounge around in. Because I’m spending so much time at home, I figured it would be a great time to really stock up on those items.

Sweatshirt: Vita Brillanti / Shorts: Under Armour / Slippers: Bearpaw


Not much else going on today, just relaxing at home on a rainy Saturday! I wanted to share my outfit because I got some plain sweatshirts in also to pair with my Abercrombie sweatpants. One thing I felt was missing from my wardrobe this past fall/winter was plain sweatshirts to wear during the day. I love the idea of pairing my sweatshirts with jeans and sneakers, but I was really lacking in the sweatshirts and sneakers area. Because I’m wearing loungewear all the time now, I figured it was the best time to get some!

Sweatshirt: Gildan / Sweatpants: Abercrombie / Slippers: Bearpaw

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Seven Affordable and Casual Dresses for Spring

Seven Affordable and Casual Dresses for Spring

As some of you may know, one of my absolute favorite things to wear in the spring is dresses (probably like most people) because they are so easy to just throw on and go. Although I find it tough to make dresses look different every time I wear them, I prefer the convenience of not having to think too much about what I’m wearing. I also mentioned a few times that I intend to full revamp my spring wardrobe to make it more cohesive this year. For me, this meant getting rid of (re: donating) majority of the dresses in my closet. I have so many dresses that I never wear because they are poor quality or just not my style anymore. So I decided to start looking for some affordable, but stylish dresses that would also be good quality. When I think of affordable, good quality, and stylish, Target is actually one of the first stores that comes to mind for me. So this blog post is featuring only dresses that you can find at your local Target! I’ll link anything that is available online still, so keep on reading to see what I picked out!

Outfit #1

One of my favorite styles of dresses is actually a mini t-shirt dress, however I am a little bit picky about them! On my body, I prefer my mini dresses to be pretty short because I know it’s the most flattering (on my body) and makes my legs look longer. I find that t-shirt dresses are either super long and come down to my knees or they are too short and I can’t bend down. I found this one at target in this pretty orange (linked here) and was a little bit unsure, but when I tried it on, it turned out to be a great fit. I think the length is perfect and it’s thick enough that it’s not see through either. It also comes in a ton of colors! I decided to pair this denim jacket over top and some white lace up sneakers and thought it was a super cute, easy outfit.

Jacket: Random Boutique in Buffalo, NY / Dress & Shoes: Target

Outfit #2

I am telling you right now, RUN TO YOUR LOCAL TARGET TO BUY THIS DRESS! I had never worn a slip dress before this, and this one is so incredibly flattering and I immediately wanted to buy it in every color. I didn’t buy every color because I really only wanted a black or white one and they didn’t have either, but it does come in a ton of colors (linked here). It hugs your curves in all the right places, it’s sexy and can easily be dressed up or down. This dress makes me want to only buy slip dresses for the rest of my life, TBH. I paired it with a bright pink cardigan and some white heels for a more dressy look, but swap out the shoes for the same white sneakers and you could go run errands in this outfit!

Cardigan: Something Navy / Dress: Target / Shoes: Louise et Cie

Outfit #3

Another pink dress because you should know by now that I love pink more than anything. I find this dress incredibly flattering also and I promise you, it’s because it’s pretty short and the sleeves are cut high (linked here). The material is like a terry cloth/jersey knit but I think it will still be pretty light to wear in the summer also. I really like this dress styled a bit more grungey, so I decided to wear this old washed black denim jacket on top and some leopard ankle boots. I think this would be great to wear for a girls night in the spring or maybe a concert!

Jacket: Forever 21 / Dress: Target / Shoes: Steve Madden

Outfit #4

I want to be honest with you, after trying this dress on, I don’t really think it’s my style but I did want to share it because it is a cute dress for the right person. This little cami dress comes in a few colors (linked here), and it’s a really light weight material so it will be great for summer also, though it does wrinkle! I paired it with this cropped green jacket to give it a little bit more shape at the waist and my favorite brown loafers. I think this is so cute and very much a typical “blogger” outfit, but it’s not quite my style!

Everything is from Target!

Outfit #5

I actually have a very similar quilted pattern dress like this from Urban Outfitters that I got a few years ago and I think that dress is one of my favorite go-to’s when I’m not sure what to wear. Because of that, I knew that this one would definitely be a hit for me! The material is breathable, but it has a lining on the inside also because it’s a little bit more see-through. I also love the length because it’s more midi than maxi (linked here). I figured I’d pair it with this bright teal/green cropped cardigan for a bright pop of color, and then keep it really casual with the same white lace up sneakers!

Cardigan: Free People / Dress & Shoes: Target

Outfit #6

This is the same style of dress from outfit #4 (linked here), so again keep in mind that it’s not exactly my style! I do love the color and think it could be a great dress for Easter or Mother’s Day events that you might have coming up because it’s bright, fun, but not inappropriate if you wear a jacket. I added this yellow cardigan over top because I just love wearing monochromatic looks, especially in a bright color like this. Now, I was originally going to just wear tan boots with this outfit, but I figured I should just go full monochromatic and wear these pretty yellow sandals also! I love strappy sandals for this season, and I think these will work well with any style of spring dress you decide to buy!

Cardigan: Abercrombie / Dress: Target / Shoes: Steve Madden

Outfit #7

Last but not least, for those of you who aren’t into bright colors, I added a black dress because sometimes you need them. I really really like this dress in theory, but I realized that I might not be a puffy dress kind of girl after all. I think this dress is really pretty and moody, especially in black (linked here). But on me, it’s just a bit too long and a bit too puffy. I got my normal size (small), but I could have sized down one size (x-small) for a better fit. However, this is another piece that you can make really pretty and grungey if you wanted which I really like. I decided to wear my Sam Edelman boots with this and a black padded headband as an ode to Danielle Bernstein because she wears this outfit all the time. It’s so pretty, a good mix of feminine and grunge, but just not a good reflection of my style!

Headband: Amazon / Dress: Target / Boots: Sam Edelman

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