Things I'm Loving This Month: March 2020

Things I'm Loving This Month: March 2020

The month of March has been absolutely insane. There was a ton going on because of the novel coronavirus that swept the globe over the last few months. Because of the virus, there’s been all kinds of uncertainty and changes going on. It’s history in the making and it’s honestly scary. So my favorites this month include some actual products because I did have a few, but also some concepts/thoughts/ideas. I spent a lot of time thinking and worrying, praying and reading about everything and I’ve grown to appreciate the little things. So I also wanted to include a few things I’m grateful for this month, in order to keep a positive spirit since we are really still in the thick of this situation. Keep on reading to see some things I loved this month!

1. Abercrombie & Fitch

I mentioned back in the fall that I was starting to really like Abercrombie again and this spring season is probably my favorite so far. I think they really hit the nail on the head and created some cute styles in the most beautiful colors and patterns. I bought a ton of tops, bodysuits, sweaters, dresses, and shorts from there this past month and loved every single piece. It was exactly what I was looking for in my spring wardrobe and I’m so excited to be able to wear them.

2. Skincare Products

This past month I also ordered a few skincare products to try out also. I’m still getting used to them, but I think I really like them so far. I tried out some products from First Aid Beauty and some from Kiehl’s. I’ve been dealing with a lot of acne lately, so I wanted to try some new products so I got some acne clearing pads from First Aid Beauty. I also have a lot of acne scarring so I got a dark spot serum from Kiehl’s to try out and a new eye cream from First Air Beauty also. So far I like everything a lot, and I think the acne clearing pads have been helping clear my skin up slowly but surely.

Now as I mentioned in my intro, with all the crazy stuff going on I’ve been trying to stay positive through everything. One thing that’s been a big help to me has been saying a few things that I’m grateful for each day. It reminds me that amongst the chaos there are things to be happy about. I’ve been really anxious and scared when thinking about the future, because who knows what’s going to happen from here and how we’re all going to be affected by this. So I’m hoping that if I just continue spreading some positivity it’ll just help block out some of the scary parts.

Things I’m Grateful For This Month:

  1. Waking up most days and being able to breathe fully without any issues (I got a little sick mid month, but for the most part I felt completely fine)
  2. Having the option to work from home and keep my family safe
  3. Having flexibility with my work schedule now that I am at home to make breakfast, take breaks when I need, and work on my other projects
  4. Having Andrew with me (both physically and metaphorically) through this situation and all the uncertainty
  5. The community I’ve built on my social channels of women who are happy to support and be there for each other
  6. Having a creative outlet to focus on and dive into when I’m feeling scared/anxious/nervous/etc
  7. Waking up with a roof over my head every day
  8. Having beautiful spring weather for majority of the month
  9. Having a job (because a lot of people lost theirs during this pandemic)
  10. All the positivity I’ve seen from a lot of people, despite all the negatives we see in the news and on social media

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Things I Loved This Month: February 2020

Things I Loved This Month: February 2020

February was incredibly busy for me and I frankly cannot believe that it’s over already. It all happened so fast! This month, I did some traveling, some reading, tried to stay away from shopping and probably tons of other things I can’t remember. I can’t say that it was a great month, but it was definitely not a bad one. This year is off to a slow start as far as creativity goes, but I’m hoping that some warm weather over the next few months will help me out. Keep on reading to see some of the things I loved this past month!

Warwick, NY

This month, I took a little weekend trip up to Warwick, NY to get a little break from such a crazy month and celebrate Valentine’s Day with Andrew. We drove up to Warwick and we went to the Warwick Valley Winery and Distillery to do some tastings and explore the town a bit more. Now originally, this was a super last minute trip. We booked it 4 or 5 days before we left! But I have to say, it was well worth it. The Winery was amazing. There was live music, incredible pizza, and tastings for only $5 or $6! We tried the wine and the cider, which we both loved and even decided to bring a few (read: 6) bottles home. After that we headed out to dinner at Eddie’s Roadhouse and had some really yummy wings (that I had been craving for over a week) and some of the best burgers I’ve had in a really long time. Everyone was friendly and chatty and overall, it was a great weekend!

Start With Why by Simon Sinek

I mentioned a few times that I started reading again this month and I’m finally revealing that this is what I was reading! I read this for the first time in college, a few months before graduation and frankly it didn’t give me what I needed back then. I was missing purpose and I was missing my WHY back then, so it was just not useful to me. However, now I have something to call my own and something that I feel passionately about and this book has given me a ton of new insight on things that I wasn’t sure how to approach recently. I don’t usually read books more than once, but this one was really calling my name and I’m so happy that I picked it up again. I feel like I have a better understanding WHY I’m doing what I do, HOW to get where I want to go, and WHAT I actually have to offer my audience.

Muted/Pastel Colors

I have been thinking about my spring wardrobe lately because I’m A) completely over winter and B) not very good at dressing for the warm weather. I struggle every single year with what I want my warm weather wardrobe to look like because there’s too many options and none of it is ever really coherent like fall/winter styles are. With so many different prints and colors, it’s so hard to decide what makes sense to buy for the spring and summer months. However, I was browsing around Target and saw some beautiful muted pastel tank tops and I decided that that is going to be my spring color palette. I am loving muted pink/purple and blue/green lately because I think they look so good with my skin tone. I’ll make sure to link the ones I found here for you! They come in tons of colors are are only $8, and have a super chic high neck line that I love. Get ready for lots of pretty pastels in the next few months while I do some spring wardrobe planning!

Mules/Slide Shoes

In preparation for spring, I’ve also been thinking about my choice of footwear and these are some things that I’m most excited for honestly. I’m a huge fan of single strap slide sandals and I found some super cute ones by Matisse Footwear and I am so excited about them. They are literally $30 and they come in tons of colors, prints, and materials so I bought like 6 of them. The ones I’m loving are the Cabana style, which is linked here for you. I also have been really into the mule loafers. I know these have been around for a while, but I always love to come back to them when the weather gets warmer. I just bought these ones from Sam Edelman this past week because they remind me of Gucci’s style and I also have my eye on these pretty off-white croc print mule loafers from Steve Madden that come out in April and are available for pre-order.

My Weekly Outfit Recap Series

This month in particular was a little bit funky with keeping up with my weekly outfit recaps because I was traveling so I had to pre-shoot some and didn’t end up wearing the outfits in the exact same way that I shot them. It made me realize just how important it is to me to get to choose my outfits the night before or the morning of, because I can make sure that it’s a reflection of how I’m feeling that day. It really helps me feel my best, feel creative and it sets the tone for my day. It also helps me keep track of my thoughts and what I was thinking each day and acts as a live journal for me. So, I just wanted to add in how much I’m loving and how much I really missed writing this series in real time!

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