How to Make St. Patrick’s Day Look Chic: OOTD

Today is St. Patrick’s Day and this year I felt like styling an outfit for it so that’s why we’re here. St. Patrick’s Day is not even really a holiday that I actively observe or celebrate, but I do love the color green so I thought it’d be fun to try and style a more chic outfit for it. It’s a Tuesday, so I’m not doing anything crazy or going out drinking, but I am leaving the house today to go to work, so that’s what I styled this outfit for. Keep on reading to see what I wore!

Coat: Mango / Sweater: American Eagle / Jeans: Topshop / Shoes: Fila

One of my favorite colors this past year to style has been green. I think it’s surprisingly versatile and it goes with a lot if you’re open to trying it out. I’ve recently accumulated a rather large collection of green sweaters (I have about 5, which is a lot considering it’s not a neutral) and they are some of my favorites to wear day to day. For my St. Patrick’s Day look, I chose this striped one from American Eagle, because I love the darker green and I also love the stripes. It’s a more low-key way to celebrate this holiday, without necessarily wearing your brightest Kelly green sweater.

Over top, I decided to throw on my favorite plaid green coat because it’s still a little bit chilly out in NYC. This coat is not super heavy, which makes it more of a transitional coat so I haven’t actually gotten much use out of it. Now that it’s getting a bit warmer, it’s actually getting to be the perfect weather to wear this, as long as you’re layering underneath it! To keep things casual and comfortable, I wore some distressed mom jeans and these super comfy white Fila sneakers that everyone owns. This look is incredibly easy, comfortable, and casual. It’s perfect if you’re heading out to celebrate today!

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