My Weekly Outfit Recap: 3/9/20 – 3/13/20

This week is definitely off to a rough start! If you read my blog post from last week, linked here, you’d know that I had issues with my Instagram and those issues are carrying over into this week also. I’m staying hopeful that this week I’ll be able to get everything fixed, but I need all the help I can get! Otherwise, it should be a slow week and I am hoping to get to back into my groove with writing and posting after taking a little break. I really missed interacting with everyone on here, so I’m hoping to get everything back to the way it should be! Let me know in the comments what your favorite part of this past week was! I’ll also make sure to link as many of the items that I wore as possible, as long as they or something similar is available.


Welcome back to Monday! Last week, as I mentioned in my intro, I was blocked on Instagram for apparent “spam” and I am still trying to get it fixed. So far, I removed all references to my website on there and was able to start using my account again. However, I can’t attach my website link to my blog in any form. I even tried using linktree and it still did not help. I have been going crazy reaching out to Facebook and Instagram to try and get this fixed, but so far no luck. I am hoping that this can get solved soon, because I hate no being able to share my content. It’s incredibly frustrating and it makes me feel betrayed by these companies. Anyway, I’m still hoping to have a good week and stay positive through this process. I don’t have much planned this week, which is fine by me! I spent this past weekend spending time with friends and even went out to a bar like a normal 25 year old and had a ton of fun! Weekends like that are always great and remind me that it’s good to go out and be social and spend time with other people once in a while.

Cardigan: Urban Outfitters (similar) / Top: Abercrombie / Jeans: Topshop (similar) / Shoes: Target (similar)


Today should be another slow day, hopefully. It’s also another beautiful and warm day! I did some shopping at Abercrombie recently because I fell in love with their spring clothes and am so excited to start wearing them this week. Everything they have right now, is a great fit for the color palette I wanted to stick to so I knew I was going to be buying a good amount of my spring wardrobe there! This morning, I also said my gratitudes and it put me in a little bit of a better mood. I didn’t sleep well last night because I was up thinking about all kinds of things and worrying about things that I can only do so much about. I’m still feeling frustrated about this Instagram stuff because I cannot seem to get in contact with anyone to get it fixed. I know Facebook and Instagram are notorious for making it difficult to reach their customer service, but I feel like it’s just ridiculous now. I plan on reaching out to them until someone gets back to me, though so I’ll be sure to keep you updated! Other than that, I’m hoping for a good day. I’m feeling pretty good and just want this to be a smooth week.

Cardigan (similar) & Shoes (similar): Target / Top: Abercrombie / Jeans: American Eagle


I watched the Bachelor last night and it was honestly terrible. Although, I’m so happy for Hannah Ann for finally sticking up for herself but it’s so sad that at 23 years old she’s more mature than Peter. I also really hate that Peter could not give a straight answer about whether he wants to be with Madison when Chris Harrison asked him straight up. He’s so annoying and talks in circles! Anyway, I also got some really cute new clothes in the mail last night and was so excited to wear some of them today. I got some great flats from Target, some new denim, and a few dresses also. I have a few blogs coming up so that’s mainly what they are for, but I’m so happy with everything I’ve gotten in so far. I have a few more tops, dresses, shorts and shoes arriving this week also and am looking forward to sharing those with you all! It’s really starting to feel like spring here finally and I’m so looking forward to some warm days. I’m feeling really creative again also and am hoping to finally start working on sharing some videos on my social media and also working on a new project that I’ll be revealing on Friday this week!

Cardigan (similar) & Shoes: Target / Top: Something Navy (similar) / Jeans: Topshop


As many of you are aware, New York has a ton of confirmed cases of COVID-19. I have to be honest, I was never too concerned about it until today. I take all the proper precautions and wash my hands as often as possible for 20 seconds, sanitizing when I can’t wash my hands, wiping down every surface I come into contact with and avoiding getting too close to people. But I wasn’t really concerned about my well-being or being seriously affected by this virus. Today, things were different though. Today I came to the realization that this virus should be taken extremely seriously and I was starting to feel scared about the possibilities. The possibility of having our city/state/country locked down, businesses closing, working at home, and the future in general. I’m not trying to make you feel scared too, but it was just an uncomfortable feeling of realizing the severity of the situation. Reading the news and reading about major celebrities being diagnosed with the virus and even our own President being at risk has me feeling anxious and rightfully so, I think. I think as long as you are cautious and doing everything you can to protect yourself and being prepared for the possibility of being on lock down, everything will be okay. But it’s also okay to be concerned and nervous about not knowing what’s to come because of how quickly things are changing. I’ve kept my thoughts to myself about this topic because I don’t want to spread false information or cause any more concern, but today it feels important to share my thoughts and my very real concerns. I’m also praying for you all to stay safe and healthy wherever you are!

Sweater: & Other Stories / Jeans: Topshop / Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell


Finally Friday and what a crazy week it’s been. This week was quite the emotional roller coaster due to a lot of nerves and anxiety about this COVID-19 stuff. There’s a lot of uncertainty and everyone is still trying to figure out how to manage all of this. I spent most of Friday sorting out some last minute stuff at work regarding this coming week and working from home and what our plans for our upcoming programs are. I’m really looking forward to this weekend to just relax at home, get some work done and enjoy the time where I’m obligated to NOT leave the house. It’s an interesting time, honestly seeing how many people are not really taking the precautions that the CDC has put out. Everyone always jokes about cancelling plans to stay at home, but when the time comes to actually do it, everyone decides it the perfect time to go out. I find this totally odd. I guess no one likes to feel pressured to do one thing, but it’s a bit selfish at this time when there’s a lot of uncertainty and fear. But I think there’s also plenty of evidence all over the world to prove that this is the best time to take preventative measures. Hopefully, this coming week will feel less anxious and people will start to take things really seriously.

Cardigan (similar) & Shoes (similar): Target / Top: Abercrombie / Jeans: Everlane

P.S. I use affiliate links on my blog posts, so the various retailers may pay me a commission for any purchases made via the links above at no additional cost to you.

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