How I’m Planning to Shop For Spring/Summer 2020

I’ve mentioned a few times in the last couple of weeks that I’m starting to get ready to shop for spring and clean out my closet of all the spring clothes that I’m just not going to wear ever again. I always struggle to pick out clothes for the spring and summer while also making my closet look like it “goes together”. I hate looking into my closet and seeing a mish mosh of red, yellow, blue, green, bright colors, pastel colors, neutrals and everything in between. So this year, I’ve decided that before I give up on curating my wardrobe, I’m going to give it my best shot at creating a wardrobe that fits my style and can be mixed and matched as I please. Below I’ll walk you through my thought process on how I’m planning to do this for the first time!


The category that I struggle the most to shop in for spring and summer is almost always tops. I’m the kind of gal that is freezing cold when I’m indoors in the summer, but sweating profusely when I get outside in the blistering hot heat. I also have the idea in my head, that when it comes to pretty tops, I can only wear them once otherwise someone will recognize that I’m an *insert horror music* AN OUTFIT REPEATER! I truly have no idea why I feel this way when it comes to spring clothes, because I wear all my sweaters and tops a million times in the winter without an issue. Anyway, I’ve decided this year that in order to avoid this situation, I’m going to stick with a color palette that I think is going to be accessible and easy to style. I’ve decided on the very pretty muted pastel colors of pink, purple, green, and blue. I also love yellow, but I find myself reaching for it less often than the others. I’m going to focus on adding in basic tops (tanks, camis and tees) in these colors to be worn alone in the summer for more casual days and layered under jackets/sweaters in the spring time. I’ve also decided to look for blouses that have more feminine details (ruffles, bows, buttons, etc) and am also looking for pretty floral patterns! I’m hoping that having a variety of these tops will allow me to transition from work to weekend easily, without feeling like I’m re-wearing the same few items constantly.


One thing I have always felt I’m really lacking for the warmer months is jackets. I have tons of winter coats, but I struggle to find the right kind of jackets for spring! I know I could always wear a denim jacket and be done with it, but I feel like there are so many other options that I have to look into. So one goal for this spring is to find a new medium wash denim jacket in a really classic shape, with little to no distressing and maybe a white denim jacket also (I just thought of this as I was typing so who knows if I’ll follow through). I also am thinking I should find other lighter jacket options in maybe twill material because those are great lightweight options too and usually come in fun colors (although I’d probably stick with neutrals). I’m not exactly sure where I’ll find these, but at least I have an idea of what I’m looking for!


If you haven’t noticed, I am the denim QUEEN. I have probably 30 pairs of jeans and I’m always on the hunt for new styles and washes. This year, my main goal was to try out new brands of denim to find an even better fit than the ones I already own. I have been a huge fan of Topshop jeans forever, but I’m realizing that I don’t love the fit anymore and I find the sizing to be inconsistent across the various washes and styles. I recently ordered a pair of white jeans from AGOLDE because I was A) in desperate need of white jeans and B) interested in trying out this brand for a very long time. At the time I’m writing this, I don’t have them yet because I literally ordered them today, but I’ll be sure to let you know what I think! I also really struggle to find shorts that fit me well. I know it’s every girl’s problem, but it’s actually a huge problem for me. I can never find shorts that fit my waist and legs comfortably or they are so incredibly short and they ride up and then everyone gets a free show. The reason I’m trying AGOLDE jeans first this year is because I’ve heard that they’re shorts are a little bit longer than other brands and I’m just praying that they’ll fit better on the waist. The ones I have in mind are the Parker Vintage Cut Off’s so I will let you know how I feel once I order them!


There is nothing better than spring dresses in beautiful floral prints in all different colors and lengths! However, again, I have this issue with my summer clothes where I feel like I’m a major outfit repeater all season and this is especially true with dresses. Dresses are an entire outfit, so there are only so many ways to make them look different, especially in the spring and summer when you don’t necessarily need a jacket or sweater over top. I know that this year, I want to focus on buying floral maxi dresses and some casual mini dresses for work, but I want the styles to be classic enough that I can wear them next year without feeling tired of them. I only have a handful of dresses that I love enough to wear year after year, so I want to be very strategic about my dresses this year to avoid buying things I never wear again. Again, I have no idea where to shop for these but at least I have an idea of what I’m looking for right?


If you take one piece of advice from this post, let it be this one: “It doesn’t matter what you wear, as long as you accessorize.” I am definitely not the kind of girl who remembers to accessorize every single outfit. However, this year, I’ve noticed that no matter what I see other bloggers wearing, they look so much more put together when they are wearing jewelry, or a headband, or any other accessories. It’s such a simple thing, but I know for a fact a lot of people forget about it. At the very minimum, wearing jewelry each day will elevate your outfit to the point where it really doesn’t matter what you’re wearing, you’ll still look put together. Some pieces I’m looking for and focusing on for this upcoming season is going to be gold jewelry in all shapes and forms. I want rings, earrings, necklaces, everything. I have gone this far without really investing in my jewelry, but I want to find classic pieces that I can wear every day and I want them to be good quality. I’m planning to look into Mejuri and Aurate for those more classic pieces, and will still use my tried and true favorite, Baublebar, for more fun pieces. For hair accessories, I’m seeing bows everywhere so I’m going to give that a try and see how it goes also!


For shoes this year, I already bought a ton of colorful sandals from Matisse that I cannot wait to wear! I also got a new pair of brown sandals from Steve Madden that remind me of the Saint Laurent Tribute sandals that I love. I’m big on sandals and always buy like 20 pairs even though I don’t get rid of the ones from the previous year. I love the single thick strap ones in all kinds of colors, but this year I decided to focus on ones with more interesting straps! So far, I have my eyes on a pair of Chloe sandals because they sold out last year. I like the woven style of the Saint Laurent sandals and would love to find more like that! I also know for a fact that I need cute shoes to wear for going out at night and for fancier occasions. I have tons of wedges, but majority of the time I just don’t feel like wearing them. I usually want something more flat, with a little heel and lots of straps. I know Zara was fully stocked in these type of sandals last year, so hopefully I can find a pair I like this year!

Matisse / Steve Madden

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