How I Style My Curly Hair with Flexi-Rods (Heatless Curls)

Recently, I started styling my hair with flexi-rods that I got from Amazon for a few reasons. The main reason is that I miss having curly hair. I have been getting keratin treatments twice a year for almost 10 years now and only recently is my hair finally loosing it’s curl. It dries almost completely straight now without having to blowdry or use any heat on it. Now 10 years ago, this would have been a dream for me because I wanted straight hair so badly because curls were just too much work. These days, I’ve grown to appreciate and admire curly hair and wish I had just stuck it out and learned to love it. The second reason is related to the first in that, I don’t want to use excessive heat to actually curl my hair, so I found that this is a great heatless curl option. Sure, it’s not at all similar to my natural curl pattern, but at this point I’ll take what I can get. I also saw another blogger on Instagram (@stylishlylivinglife) share how she styles her hair with flexi-rods and loved how it turned out for her and knew I should give it a try. Keep on reading to see how I’m styling my curly hair with flexi-rods!

To start things off, the rods that I use are linked here for you and I use the 3 largest sizes (blue, pink, and yellow). I make sure to start with freshly washed hair and I put all my products in before using the flexi-rods. For shampoo, I’ve been using the Suave Rosemary Mint shampoo and the Suave Keratin Conditioner. For my products, I’ve been using the JAS Deep Repair Treatment Spray (that I have recently run out of and need to buy a new one) and the Miss Jessie’s Leave In Conditioner. After applying all of these, I part my hair the way I would like and make sure it is completely detangled.

Then, I start by sectioning off the front part of my damp hair. For the front, I usually wrap the hair around the flexi-rod away from my face. For the rest of my hair, I usually alternate the direction of the curl so that they look a little more natural and don’t clump together when I take the flexi-rods out. I take a medium size flexi-rod and get the top of the rod as close to my roots as possible. Then I wrap it away from my face all the way through to the end, leaving a little bit of space between the spirals as I wrap it around the rod. Once all the hair is wrapped up, I twist the top end of the rod down to secure the hair and I twist the bottom part of the rod up, making sure the end of my hair is tucked securely in the crease of the rod. It feels a little insecure at first, but I’ve never really had any issues with them falling out! I repeat these steps on each side of my head, until all of my hair is wrapped up in the flexi-rods. See photo examples below!

I usually go to sleep with them like this because I don’t usually have 5-6 hours to sit and let them dry during the day. However, if you do have some time during the day, I find that the curls usually look better when they haven’t been slept on. For this blog post, I ended up sleeping on them. It can be uncomfortable, but it’s not the worst!

In the morning, when I was ready to take them out, I started by selecting one of the rods and untwisting the ends so it was mostly straight again. After that, trying not to pull too much, I simply just unravel my hair from around the rod. I repeat this step all the way around my head until all the rods are out. Then I flip my head back and forth and side to side to loosen the curls up. I’ll also go through with my Gisou Honey Hair Oil to smooth out my ends and help separate the curls. On this particular day, the curls were not cooperating with me so I ended up combing them out with a wide tooth comb and it helped a ton! I also don’t feel like I need to wrap them up when I sleep because I like how they look on the 2nd day the best because they fall out really nicely.

And that’s pretty much it! Here’s some photos of the last few steps and the final product! I hope this was helpful and I would love to see if you try it out! Make sure to follow me on Instagram @karenmauritzenn and tag me when you try these heatless curls out!

P.S. Keep up with me on Instagram: @karenmauritzenn

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