How To Feel More Productive and Organized Everyday

As a disclaimer, I would not necessarily call “productivity” my middle name or anything, but I do like to think I have some tips that make me feel like I can get a ton of stuff done. These are just some tried and true tips that I like to use to make sure I have the most productive and organized days possible. Being that I work full-time, write this blog part-time, and also make time for friends/family and relaxing, being productive and organized is really important for me. I need to make sure I’m getting as much done as possible while I’m awake so that I can enjoy the time where I’m not working. So keep on reading if you want to see some of my best tips for being productive!

1. Making a “to do” list

I am a huge fan of “to do” lists! Seriously. The satisfaction of crossing things off my “to do” list is worth taking the time to write it out. It’s the best way for me to organize my thoughts and figure out what’s most important for me to get done. I do my best to write out my list in the order of most important to least important so that I can get the most important stuff done first. You could also do this from most difficult to least difficult or most time consuming to least time consuming. Do whatever makes sense to you. I also will prepare this the night before or at the end of my work day, so that I don’t have to take time to do it in the morning. Having it already prepared means that I can just jump right into the tasks.

2. Take a break

I am also an advocate for taking breaks when you need it. I am often suffering from burn out and feeling overworked, so I do my best to alleviate that stress early on by taking breaks when my body says I need them. Sometimes that means leaving a few tasks until the next morning and sometimes it means taking the entire weekend off to do nothing but lay in bed. Do what makes sense for you, but make sure you still have enough time to get your tasks done before they are due. If I know I have to take photos for a blog post that is going up on Thursday, and it’s currently Saturday, I’ll either suck it up and take them Saturday or push the photos until Sunday if I know I’m just not in the right headspace to take them. Don’t stress yourself out by procrastinating, but take a break so that you can come back and feel better about completing the task at hand.

3. Create a monthly schedule

For me, specifically in regard to content, I make a schedule of when I’m going to post things. I plan my content about a month in advance so that I have the whole month to write and shoot them. This helps me plan out what weekends I can go out and shoot photos and what days I can write so all my work gets spread out, leaving me stress-free usually. I also use my Lily Pulitzer planner to keep track of my entire life. I write in what blog posts are going up, what Instagram photos to post, my budget, any plans with friends, etc. Everything goes in my planner so it’s all in one place which makes it easy to look ahead and see what else is coming and what I need to prep for.

4. Start your day properly

Having a strong morning routine, especially on the weekends, is a huge key for helping me feel productive and organized. It gives me time to relax before jumping into whatever is most pressing that day. Every Saturday and Sunday, I try to make sure I make breakfast and a cup of coffee before I start doing any work. During breakfast is also a good time for me to catch up on shows, mindlessly scroll through Instagram (versus focusing on engaging with accounts), watch Youtube videos, look for inspiration, etc. It lets me free my mind a little bit before I focus for a few hours.

5. Find some inspiration

For me, taking the time to scroll through Instagram or Pinterest and looking at other blogs and Youtube is really important for me to create content. It’s how I find inspiration a lot of the time. Sometimes I feel stuck on what to wear every day or maybe I can’t think of a new blog post I haven’t already done, so looking to other content creators helps get my creative juices flowing. Whether it’s finding a new piece of clothing to buy or seeing an interesting post, it usually always helps me think of something new to post. Now this one is tough, because you can also get stuck in the comparison mindset by doing this so it’s not for everyone. You have to be in the right mindset, feeling strong and secure with yourself to make this one work otherwise it can make you feel worse. I sometimes struggle with comparison, so this doesn’t always work for me. When I’m feeling that way, it usually means I need to take a break instead!

I hope you enjoyed reading these tips and that they are helpful to you in feeling more productive this year. It’s been one month into 2020, and there’s still 11 more for you to reach your goals and feel more productive!

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