What I Wore This Week: 1/27/20 – 1/31/20

This week should be fairly uneventful now that the month of January is coming to a close. It’s been a surprisingly busy month and I’m ready for a break to relax and do nothing. So far, I don’t have much planned this week which will probably make this week super boring, but hey it’s better than feeling overwhelmed. This week is starting out really slow so stay tuned to see how it goes! As usual, I will link as many items in the photo captions as I can as long as they are available or there is something similar! I also use affiliate links so the retailer may pay me a commission for any purchases made via the links below at no additional cost to you!


I woke up feeling pretty good today, for a Monday I mean, and ready to take on the coming week. The next few weeks will be busy with traveling so I’m trying to relax as much as I can this week. Honestly, Monday was off to a pretty slow start with not a whole lot going on so it made me feel really tired throughout the day even with a Nitro Cold Brew from Starbucks. I shot a ton of photos over the weekend so I spent some time editing those, writing up blogs in preparation for traveling over the next two weeks and catching up on Instagram comments. I’m also looking forward to watching the Bachelor while it’s actually airing instead of a week later since I’m finally caught up! Overall, it was a really slow day, but it’s a nice break for what has been a crazy month so far.

Sweater: & Other Stories (similar) / Jeans: Topshop / Shoes: Naturalizer


So Tuesday was incredibly busy for me. I had to work in the other office for work today, which was great because I got to sleep in but I had to drive to work which made me feel so sleepy. I’m just not used to having to use that much brain power in the morning anymore. We’re in the last week of our prep before going to a huge meeting next week (this week when you’re reading this) so there’s tons of last minute things to pack and ship which kept me busy all day and even a little bit after hours. This was actually very frustrating for me because Tuesday is an important day for me to be active on social media because I post new blogs on Tuesdays. Being so busy the last 2 weeks (and upcoming 2 weeks) on Tuesday has had a huge impact on my social media engagement. It’s hard to make sure all my posts go up at the right time and getting to engage with everyone when I’m super busy during the day. I know this might sound silly to be frustrated by, but it throws off my routine and that is frustrating. I just can’t wait to get a little break and be able to focus on growing my blog and social media again.

Sweater: Mango / Pants & Shoes (similar): Target


Today I’m back in the city to get some more supplies and prep some last minute things before going back to our other office tomorrow. I’m feeling super tired because I went to bed last night and also frustrated by my current life routine. I’m in the mood to make some changes and hopefully get myself into a healthier and more balanced lifestyle. However, I do have the tendency to get obsessive over my routines so, for me, there is always a concern of being too restrictive of myself or obsessive about sticking with my routine. This past week and the week before I have been so incredibly frustrated because I’ve had to make adjustments to my routine and my plans and it made me feel like I had zero control over my life. I’m looking forward to the next few months when I don’t have to structure my life around so many other people and things, but until then I’m struggling to deal with my frustrations. So I’m hoping by implementing a new, novel routine, I can limit my frustrations and focus on something that is more flexible and balanced. We’ll see how this goes!

Sweater: American Eagle / Jeans: Topshop / Shoes: Steve Madden (similar)


Thursday, again, I went to the other office so it was nice to get to sleep in a little bit that morning. However, I forgot to take a picture of my outfit before I left the house, so here we are with a little #oneleggedselfie. Again, it was pretty busy this day getting ready for our program next week which I was very happy about. I like being busy during the day because it makes it go by much faster. I feel like I can get really bored when I don’t have too much going on, which sometimes is great to get to relax, but most of the time I definitely prefer to be busy. I was not having the best time this whole week and was incredibly frustrated about a lot of things this whole week and Thursday was definitely a tough one but not the worst day of the week I think. But I’m definitely look forward to the end of this week and a relaxing weekend.

Sweater: & Other Stories / Pants: Target / Boots: Louise Et Cie


THANK GOODNESS for Friday! This week went by really quickly, but it was extremely frustrating in a lot of areas so I was so happy for Friday to finally come. I woke up feeling completely exhausted and was really hoping to have a relaxing day at work an it was for the most part. Earlier in the week I had gotten a ton of stuff done, so I had a much easier day today. I could not wait for the weekend though. On Friday night, Andrew came over and we had a super easy casual pizza and wine night to hangout and relax together. However, when I was coming home from getting the pizza, right as I pulled up to my house, I got a flat tire! I got out of the car and heard this incredibly loud air sound and I walked around the car and heard that it was coming from one of my tires. I told my mom, and she felt around and pulled out a HUGE piece of plastic from my tire and ultimately let the air out so much faster. It was completely flat within about 30 seconds. So that was an annoying way to end my Friday night, but definitely not the end of the world! We still had a nice relaxing night and I finally slept like a little baby after everything and I NEEDED it.

Sweater: American Eagle (similar) / Jeans: Topshop / Shoes: Target (similar)

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8 thoughts on “What I Wore This Week: 1/27/20 – 1/31/20

  1. Loved all the outfits, but the white one – oh my goodness, that gives me the vibes of a château somewhere in the Alps, and you just made the photo on a whim, while in the next room there’s fireplace and a bottle of super expensive wine is waiting. And the whole place smells slightly like ‘By the Fireplace’ fragrance by Maison Martin Magriela. Just an outfit that already tells a story – thank you for inspiration ❤️

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