What I Wore This Week: 1/20/20 – 1/25/20

I had a crazy busy week last week so now we’re back to a regular weekly outfit recap post. It was nice having a little break, but I missed sharing my outfits every day! This week is a pretty exciting week because it’s my birthday and also my anniversary so there’s exciting things going on I think. We also got some real winter weather this week (like below freezing weather), so it’ll be fun to style some outfits for that! Keep on reading to see what I wore, what I did, and how I felt this week. Also make sure to follow me on Instagram to see these outfits in real time on my stories @karenmauritzenn. Everything is linked in the captions for you to shop on your own also!


Today is my first day back at work after taking a few days off last week so I am really excited to get back into my routine. I’m feeling productive which is good because I usually don’t feel good on Monday’s! At work, I had some catching up to do from the previous week so it was pretty busy for me but I definitely welcomed it. Plus, tons of people are off for the holiday today, so commuting was super easy and the office was really quiet. I have a ton of blog content to work on this week, some video content I want to experiment with, and just trying to get back into my regular schedule. Tonight we’re also going out to dinner for my birthday so I can’t wait to get some chicken parm in my belly!

Sweater: & Other Stories / Jeans: American Eagle / Shoes: Sam Edelman

Tuesday (My 25th Birthday)

Tuesday was an insanely busy day that I felt like I had no time to even think! There was so much to do at work, that I barely had time to breathe and definitely didn’t get to check my phone very much, which was a bit frustrating for me because I missed a ton of birthday messages. As far as birthday things go, it truly did not feel like my birthday. It was a regular day in the life, except I got a ton more text messages than usual. Other than that, I didn’t really do anything special! I just watched some TV with Andrew and went to bed too late. This birthday was a good one in the sense that I didn’t feel so stressed about growing up. I am in a place where I feel really good about where I am and how far I’ve come. I have a ton of things I am working toward and things that frustrate me everyday, but I know that I’m on the right path to get where I want to go finally.

Turtleneck: Target / Sweater & Jeans: American Eagle / Shoes: Dr. Martens


Today was definitely better than yesterday in the sense that I felt calmer and not so overwhelmed. I just had a good outlook on today and I was really excited for it. I felt productive and like I could really get a lot done today. I also feel like I’m getting a bad cold which is annoying because I was doing SO well not getting sick this year. I’m hoping it’s not due to stress and I’ll get over it soon. I guess we’ll have to stay tuned for that. I’m also trying so hard to watch the Bachelor this season, but I started a week late and I was so behind so I finally caught up tonight and the drama is NUTS. I thought it was going to be really slow after the first 2 episodes, but the third one really heated things up so I’m excited to see what happens next.

Sweater: Target / Jeans: American Eagle / Shoes: Steve Madden (similar)


Today is such a rough one for me because I am fighting a nasty head cold. My nose is so stuffy and it feels like a million pounds and I’m so foggy, but I’m otherwise fine! I slept like a baby last night because I wasn’t feeling good and it still didn’t feel like enough. I’m hoping this little virus goes away soon though, because I’m traveling for work in about 2 weeks and I don’t want it to get even worse than it is! Other than my cold, things are slower today which is nice considering I don’t really have the mental capacity to do much anyway. I’m about ready for the weekend and hoping to rest up and relax since it was so busy last week. I’m trying my best to get back into a normal routine but it feels so difficult this month! Hopefully after this weekend, but we’ll see next week!

Sweater: & Other Stories / Leggings: Target / Shoes: Sam Edelman


First thing is that I’m going to start by apologizing for my outfit today. I truly could not bring myself to put on something more interesting than this. This cold has got me feeling so tired and stuffy that I can’t think about getting on a cute outfit. So for that, I am sorry! I had a nice and easy breezy day at work which was exactly what I needed because I just don’t have the brain power to think with this cold. I’m looking forward to snuggling up tonight with a giant blanket, a cup of hot lemon water and probably a movie since I caught up on the Bachelor already. The weekend could not have come soon enough and I am ready to relax, kick this cold to the curb, and celebrate my anniversary with my sweet man!

Sweatshirt: Gifted / Jeans: Abercrombie (similar) / Shoes: Dr. Martens

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