What I Wore This Week: 12/30/19 – 1/3/20

It’s another holiday week and I also have some days off from work this week which is really nice! I’m ready to relax at home, get a TON of blog work done and enjoy my time off. Being that I’m home this week, there’s not going to be too much getting dressed this week I gotta say, but I promise I did my best to put some kind of outfit together each day. Sometimes it’s nice to just be super casual and not care too much about how you look! I linked as many items as I could but a ton of this stuff is old and sold out. Please note that these are affiliate links so the retailer may pay me a commission for any purchases made via the links below at no additional cost to you!


I was home all day and it was really raining, but I had a few errands to run so I decided to get dressed for that stuff which was good. I really had a lot of work to do for the blog, but with the rainy weather, it makes it hard to do photos outside or inside. I took some time to edit photos I took over the weekend and rearranged my week to make sure I had time to take the other photos I needed to do. I had a few returns to make, tons of packages to open and lots of planning and writing for the next few weeks. I love Mondays where I can feel productive, get lots of work done and get off to a good start to the week and this was definitely one of those weeks!

Sweater: American Eagle / Leggings: Target / Shoes: UGG

Tuesday (New Year’s Eve)

I feel like I was rushing around like a crazy person all day today trying to make sure I got all my tasks done before getting ready to celebrate the new year. In the morning I got ready and shot some outfits for upcoming blogs (in the backyard because no one was available to assist), I went to the gym, ran to Target to pick up a few things, came home and ate lunch before getting ready to head to a NYE party. It was super busy, but I got everything done! Andrew and I spent the night at his sister’s apartment after hanging out with some friends, really good food, and our own homemade margaritas! It was so much fun and I’m so happy that this is how we rang in our New Year! Unfortunately, none of the clothing items were available because they are really old so there’s no links for those, but my shoes are on sale!

Top: Express / Jeans: Topshop / Shoes: Naturalizer

Wednesday (New Year’s Day)

I spent all day sort of doing nothing, sort of being busy on New Year’s Day. I started the morning with Andrew from the night before and we had a yummy breakfast and watched some TV. We watched a few episodes of Schitt’s Creek and Shark Tank, which we’re really into this past week! After that I met with my dad and spent about 2 hours with him before going to grab lunch at Corelife Eatery, my favorite “fast food” place. I got the yummiest steak salad and got the veggies my body was craving after 2 weeks of indulging and overeating. After that it was straight back to work on some blog stuff, editing photos, cleaning my room from all the boxes I got in recently and getting ready to head back to work tomorrow!


Today was my first day back and work after being on vacation and having the holidays off and it was fairly busy! I feel like I got some good work done. I was exhausted this morning and kind of snapped out of it later in the day but it hit me again really hard on the train home. I try my best not to sleep on the train out of fear of missing my stop but today I just couldn’t help myself. Luckily, I did not miss my stop but I was definitely ready to get home and relax today. Thank goodness for a short week, right? As for my outfit today, I was super excited about this one! I got both my top and bottoms over the weekend and I’m obsessed with them. The pants are insanely comfortable and surprisingly flattering and the sweater is super comfy and much warmer than I expected. It was such a good outfit to start off my new year! My pants are sold out because they were part of Zara’s sale, but everything else is available.

Sweater: Abercrombie / Jeans: Zara / Shoes: Target


First week back is done! Thursday night I literally couldn’t sleep because I had so many new ideas running through my head for blog posts. I love to write fashion posts and I feel more motivated than ever to write those, but I also want to share some more thoughtful posts with you. I want this to be a place that you go for advice and to read something insightful, but also for fashion inspiration. I want to make sure I’m including those thoughtful posts often so that is one thing I am trying to incorporate into my content. Please feel free to leave a comment on some thoughtful posts you’d enjoy reading! If there’s any other blog posts you’d like to read, feel free to leave those below as well!

Sweater: Something Navy (similar) / Jeans: Topshop / Shoes: Dr. Martens

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