My Favorite Places to Shop: 2019

I did this post last year around this time and I truly feel my style has changed so much that I thought I should re do it. In the last year, I’ve really focused on having a curated closet with pieces that I will want to wear time and time again. I think that mainly comes from focusing on quality and, of course, just figuring out who I am as an adult. It’s been a crazy, busy, eye-opening year and there has been so much going on, but they have all made me into the person I am now; someone I am very proud of. I want my style to reflect that person everyday. I’m still working on perfecting it and am missing a few staple pieces, but keep reading to see what some of my favorite stores to shop at have been this year.

For Basics:

To me basics means, t-shirts and long sleeves mainly, but a few fitted camis and tank tops also. Layering pieces. Things you wear under other things, not really things to wear on their own (obviously excluding the tees and long sleeves). For these pieces, I almost always go to Target! I love all the basics from A New Day because they are 1) affordable and 2) high quality cotton. I buy t-shirts, long sleeves, turtle necks, camis, and tank tops from this brand because they range from $8-$15, are sometimes on sale and last me a very long time through tons of washes and wears. Some stores I want to try out for some basics are Madewell and Banana Republic!

For Denim:

As you all know, my absolute favorite place to buy denim is Topshop. I have like 20 pairs of jeans from Topshop in all different styles because they just fit me the best! I wear jeans almost every day so having good quality (but still affordable) denim is a major key to my style. Topshop has tons of different styles, shades, and levels of distressing which makes it really easy to find jeans for work and for play on the weekends. You know I’m obsessed with their Mom jeans! I also have a new found love for their straight leg jeans, as well as the Jamie jeans and the Joni jeans. They are simply the best! Next year, I am looking to try out some jeans from Madewell because I’ve heard so many good things, as well as Everlane, AGOLDE, and GRLFRND.

For Sweaters:

My favorite and most worn sweaters are either from American Eagle or Something Navy. I seriously have a ton of sweaters and those are always the ones I choose to wear first. I am always pleasantly surprised by the quality, the color range and the overall fit and wear of them. I love a good neutral sweater, so I love picking up a new oatmeal color sweater or a brown sweater. I also LOVE to throw on a bright pink or purple sweater to mix things up! I wish I could wear sweaters year round honestly. I am really looking forward to trying out some higher quality sweaters from stores like J.Crew, Sezane, Everlane and Banana Republic. These are such classic stores, so they will last me forever!

For Dresses:

Now this is a toughie for me because I don’t wear dresses TOO often. Definitely in the spring and summer because it’s just easier for me to throw one on with sandals and get out the door. But in the fall and winter, I tend to put all of my dresses away and leave them in storage. This coming year I want to wear more dresses so I’m hoping to incorporate more into my closet! When I do wear dresses, they are almost always from either Zara or Target. I think Zara makes the most beautiful and unique dresses and honestly, if there’s one thing Zara does exceptionally well, it’s dresses. Target also makes very cute, affordable dresses for work which is usually what I’d be shopping for anyway. My favorite brand for dresses at Target are usually WhoWhatWear and A New Day!

For Coats:

I am a huge coat person. I think it’s a layer that can really level up your outfit, while keeping you warm and toasty underneath. I have no problem spending a little more on a coat because I know I will wear it. My favorite coats are always from Something Navy. I can’t get enough of them. They are great quality, warm, and stylish all in one. I also just recently got 2 coats from Mango and am over the moon about them! Mango has a really great selection of high quality and affordable coats.

For Shoes:

I spend so much money on shoes from Nordstrom simply because they carry tons of brands! I love to buy high quality, classic shoes that will last me a long time because I need to stop buying so many pairs so I try to buy ones that I want to keep for a few years and not want to throw away or replace the next year. I’m a huge fan of Sam Edelman shoes this year and have recently bought a new pair of beautiful fringe boots and have my eye on the Hai Knee High Boots. I also love the Hazel pumps, they are such a perfect classic shoe. I also love Steve Madden for shoes too, which you all know. Majority of my shoes are from Steve Madden because I think the quality is great, and they are relatively affordable. I think in the coming year, I’ll definitely keep up with the Sam Edelman shoes, but I also want to explore more shoes from Zara because they have funky styles and are super high quality.

For Accessories:

You all know I love to buy my accessories from Baublebar. They have the cutest earrings, usually super festive and gaudy. They also have cute hair clips, headbands, and customized jewelry. I buy from them seasonally usually when I want to keep my outfits more interesting! I always love what they come out with for summer, and I recently just bought a bunch of pretty gold hoops and pearl earrings from them also. I also usually get all my headbands on Amazon also! I like these because they sell them in big packs of 3-8 so you can get a ton of colors, for not a lot of money. I got these cute padded headbands, the pearl/knot headbands, and these Gucci inspired ones all from Amazon for less than $40 total! I have also seen such pretty accessories at Zara, so I think I’ll be purchasing a few of those soon too!

This blog post contains affiliate links for, and, which may pay me a commission for any purchases made via the links above.

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