Weekend In My Life: Rosé Mansion, NYC

Last weekend, I had a little outing with my friends to the Rosé Mansion in NYC which is a rosé wine themed exhibit that is considered one of the most instagrammable places in the city. You’re lying if you say if you haven’t seen it all over Instagram over the last year or so. I had put off on going here for a very long time but we finally took the plunge and decided to go and had a surprisingly good time.

This exhibit takes you through the history of rosé and you can do tasting of different wines from all kinds of different regions, from Italy to the Finger Lakes. There’s a rosé for everyone! It has 14 rooms, each with a different theme and always something fun to take photos with. This exhibit is famous for it’s bathtub filled with rose petals!

The exhibit costs $45 plus taxes and fees and that gets you entry into the exhibit, 8 wine tastings (about 1 ounce, which to me is skimpy for a wine tasting), a plastic wine glass to keep, and an enamel pin. If you’re like me, you really only went for the wine or the photos, the rest was pretty irrelevant. So I will be completely honest in saying that it’s too expensive to REALLY justify the experience. The wine was delicious, but if I’m spending $45 on it, I want at least 4 ounce pours for each tasting which is pretty standard at any vineyard you go to. On top of that, it is insanely crowded with literal hoards of women trying to get the perfect Instagram photo. Now I’m not saying I didn’t get my fair share of photos, but was it worth it to wait in line to sit in that bathtub of rose petals? Probably not.

Now I’m not intentionally being negative, I just wanted to give my honest opinion. I will say I had a surprisingly good time which is probably because of the people I went with and the wine I drank. I had really low expectations for this experience, so it wasn’t hard to exceed them. With that being said, I would not ever go again, but if you’re looking to try it out, I wouldn’t tell you NOT to go. It’s a personal preference, and this experience was not for me!

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