Why I Stopped Drinking for a Month

Some of you may not know but for the month of October, I actually decided to take a break from drinking alcohol to give my body a rest. August and September had been such busy months and I spent a lot of time drinking socially with my friends and family to celebrate life events, the end of summer, birthdays, etc. By the time October rolled around, I was feeling really sluggish and just overall icky. I decided to stop drinking for about 30 days and see how I felt afterwards. Keep on reading to see what I learned from this experience!

First thing I learned is that I enjoy waking up and not being hungover. I woke up not hungover for majority of the week even when I was drinking because I really only drank Friday – Saturday and the occasional Sunday. However, I had a major appreciation for waking up on a Saturday or Sunday morning and feeling well rested and frankly, hydrated. It was not a new experience, but I definitely was much more appreciative of it.

Next thing I learned was that, during the week after a long day of work, I felt like I wanted a glass of wine about 2 days per week. I associated having a glass of wine after work with relaxing. It was my little treat for myself because during the day I really only drink water and coffee. But because I wanted to really stick with my plan, I switched out my glass of wine for some flavored sparkling water and, while it didn’t really do the trick, it was enough to hold me over on the days I really felt I needed something special.

Next thing I learned is that, I definitely had gained weight from drinking so often. In the last month, I really haven’t worked out much, but in general I feel like I like the way I look a little bit better. My tummy is a bit flatter and not bloated very often and maybe it has nothing to do with drinking, but that’s what I’m going to attribute it to.

I also learned that, I can’t always blame drinking for waking up feeling hungover. I distinctly noticed that there were a few mornings that I woke up feeling hungover, when I hadn’t even drank anything but water the previous day. Maybe it wasn’t enough water, but I certainly didn’t sneak in any alcohol. I woke up with headaches and a feeling of dehydration on a few days, so that’s something I need to be more conscious of also!

Lastly, when I went back to drinking (on 2 occasions for a birthday and Halloween), I did not feel good afterwards. One day, I drank only wine and the other day I drank rum & coke and both were not kind to me. To be honest, it’s enough to make me want to take a permanent break from hard liquor and stick with beer and wine. But for social reasons, it’s always nice to have the option of saying, “Hey, let’s grab a drink!” So will I stop drinking for good? The answer is a hard no, of course not! Will I be more careful about what and how much I drink, absolutely. I prefer to feel my best and sometimes, it’s just not worth the trouble!

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