5 Things To Do This Fall: Activity Ideas

Fall is about 1/3 of the way done and I realized I haven’t shared any fall activity ideas this year yet, so here we are. These are some of my favorite things to do in the fall. Keep on reading to see what I plan on doing this season!

1. Vineyards, Breweries, Hard Cider OH MY!

Cute, right? Anyway, fall is THE season to spend every weekend exploring all the vineyards, breweries and orchards nearby. There’s tons of these out in eastern Long Island, so that’s where I love to spend my weekends with my friends. There is seriously nothing better than a glass of hard cider, or a pumpkin beer and some apple cider donuts with extra cinnamon sugar. Some of my favorites that I’ve been to are the Riverhead Ciderhouse for cider (duh), the North Fork Brewing company’s Butternut the Hut beer, and I just went to Osprey’s Dominion and enjoyed their spiced wine!

2. Farm Stands

There’s nothing like fresh produce in the fall, so farm stands are some of my favorite places to stop by. You can buy fresh corn on the cob, pumpkins, apples, all kinds of squash, more apple cider donuts, and hot apple cider too. They are so fresh and it’s always nice to help out local businesses! Plus there’s tons of these out east on Long Island, so you can basically try a new one every week!

3. Food & Drink Festivals

There are tons of these, which I actually had no idea about. You can buy tickets usually on Eventbrite for not very much and they are all over NYC and Long Island. There have been lots of Oktoberfests in NYC this past month, there’s also the upcoming Brooklyn Wine and Food Festival in November. These are great ways to get outside, try some new food and drink yummy drinks in the fall time.

4. Free Days/Nights at Museums & Exhibits

Lots of museums have free days/nights or Pay-What-You-Can days in NYC. Off the top of my head, I know the Whitney Museum has free nights on Fridays which is a great way to start off your weekend. Stop by happy hour before and head over to the museum around 7:00 PM to get in free! The Rosé Mansion also has their exhibit in the city too! It’s not free, but it’s a fun and super instagrammable exhibit that’s cool to check out and sip some rosé while you’re at it!

5. Stay HOME!

Fall is the perfect season to stay home and spend some time with your family and friends. There’s tons of holiday movies coming up, so it’s nice to get snuggled up and watch those with some fresh baked cookies and hot chocolate or wine! Fall is the start of the holiday season and what better way to get into the spirit than hanging out with the ones you love!

P.S. Keep up with me on instagram: @karenmauritzenn

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