How To Deal With Stress and Burn Out

I have to be honest, I have not done my best job at self-care lately. The last 2-3 weeks, I have been feeling really stressed, over tired and definitely burnt out. I’ve been trying to manage it as best I can, and while I’m still struggling to handle it, I have at least recognized some of the causes so I thought I would share my process of recognizing burn out and how to stop it. Keep on reading!

My first step in dealing with burn out is, of course, recognizing that you’re burnt out in the first place. For me burn out comes in the form of crying over small things, feeling REALLY tired to the point where I could cry, and lashing out in anger among a few other symptoms. It usually starts with being tired, and then the crying and then the lashing out for me personally but it will look different for everyone. Once I start seeing those symptoms, I immediately know that it’s getting to be time for a break. But with all the crazy things we tend to have going on in our lives, we can’t just drop everything to take a break because we’re feeling stressed.

So my next step, is planning ahead and prioritizing. For me, my blog is a hobby that I treat like another job which means that everything I do for it, is super important and has a deadline. Aside from going to my real job, that’s usually my next priority as far as tasks go, not to mention spending quality time with my boyfriend/family/friends, working out, sleeping and eating. Because I have so many things to prioritize, that alone can feel overwhelming for me. Lately, one thing that has been making me stressed is actually that I’m a little behind on my blogs (shhhh)! I usually plan posts, and shoot them at least a week in advance if not 2-3 weeks and right now that is not what I’ve been doing. For me prioritizing means looking at my whole month, picking out what’s most important (blogs, spending time with Andrew/friends/family, and working out) and making sure those get scheduled in first before anything else. Then I can go week by week and plan out what needs to get done by when. Of course, I also need to schedule in my time to relax so I A) have something to look forward to and B) actually get to relax!

Along with prioritizing comes setting boundaries. Deciding when I can go and enjoy something and when I have to put my foot down and say “no”. Recently, I’ve definitely had a ton of trouble saying “no” to things. I’ve been busy every weekend since mid August because I can’t bring myself to say “no” to plans! One thing I really need to learn is that sometimes I have to force myself to turn down the plans and relax at home or focus on getting my work done. It’s probably the hardest, but definitely most important step!

Last but not least, when I do finally relax, I have to make sure I’m doing stuff that makes me feel good and relaxed. For me, that usually means making myself a big breakfast with a giant cup of coffee on a Saturday morning and then laying on the couch watching TV for the rest of the day. But it can come in many forms depending on what’s most important to you! For some people, that means getting a good workout in and for others that means spending time with friends or family and catching up. You have to figure out what makes you feel your best and set aside time to actually do that, uninterrupted for as long as you need.

I hope this was helpful and also helped you see that you’re not alone when you feel stressed and tired and completely burnt out. It happens to the best of us, but make sure you take care of yourself first! xx

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