Get To Know Me: 10 Random Facts

Hello everyone!! It’s been about a year, or a little over since I shared some personal information about myself on here. I got so caught up in creating interesting content, that I forgot to re-introduce myself to my new readers! So, today I thought I would share 10 facts about myself, some random and other more necessary for you to get to know me. Feel free to share something about yourself in the comments!

1. I’m 24 years old

I turned 24 in January 2019 and I graduated from the University at Buffalo back in 2017! I was also in a sorority there, Delta Phi Epsilon!

2. I work as a Meeting Planner in New York City

Despite popular belief (just kidding), I actually do have a job that I go to every day. I work as a meeting planner for a company based in Manhattan. If you follow me on Instagram, you’d get to see my daily outfit posts on my story and also my coffee order every day before work!

3. I’m originally from Long Island, though!

Born and raised, but hoping to move sometime next year!

4. My favorite easy dinner to make is grilled cheese and tomato soup

This is always my go-to dinner when I don’t really feel like making dinner but don’t want to eat out! I usually use 2-3 kinds of cheese if I have it, whole or multi grain bread, and Progresso tomato basil soup. It’s SO GOOD.

5. Josh Cellars is my favorite brand of wine

I love their original cabernet sauvignon, but I also love the Pasa Robles one. I like the rosé and the pinot noir also!

6. I take all my photos on my iPhone X

Mainly out of convenience, but the photo quality is still excellent!

7. My favorite app is Instagram, and my second is Pinterest

I get ALL of my outfit inspiration from these two apps, so I spend a scary amount of time scrolling and trying to find new people to follow and interact with. It’s been so helpful when prepping content for fall. My Pinterest is linked here and my Instagram is linked here.

8. I don’t usually like to eat dessert

I do however, have a soft spot for brownies and dark chocolate! I eat one or two pieces of dark chocolate basically everyday.

9. I workout three times a week, usually

Right now, I’m using the tone and sculpt app by Krissy Cela because I have such a long day due to work so working out at home is easier right now. But, I started working out in 2016 and learned to lift heavy weights, and that was my favorite kind of work out up until about May or June 2019! I would go to the gym 5-6 days a week because I loved it so much.

10. My biggest inspiration is Arielle Charnas

As far as bloggers go, I really think she’s the ultimate. I’ve been following her and her blog since 2014 and she’s been a huge inspiration for my overall style. She makes me feel like there’s so much room for success in this industry if you’re just true to yourself.

P.S. Keep up with me on instagram: @karenmauritzenn

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