Simple How to Style: Mom Jeans at a Baseball Game

A few weeks ago, I went to a Mets Game with Andrew for his birthday so I decided to share what I wore to it. It was super easy and simple, but still felt cute and sporty. I also had a minor accident that day, so keep reading if you want to cringe and possibly laugh!

For my outfit, I decided to keep this super simple by just pairing one of my favorite pairs of mom jeans from Topshop with a basic ribbed tank top from Target. These tanks are pieces that I always have in my closet, but honestly forget about because I always try to dress up more. However, they are awesome layering pieces and they are also great for hot days when you just want to be casual. They’re super versatile! I also paired them with this pair of Camila sandals from Steve Madden that I got last summer. These are some of my favorite sandals and I have them in 3 colors! Mine are sold out, but these are similar from Treasure & Bond and ON SALE FOR 40% OFF!

Jacket: Forever 21 / Top: Target / Jeans: Topshop / Shoes: Steve Madden

Now for the fun/scary part! We decided to take the train over to the game because we thought it would be easier than driving since we were also meeting out friends for dinner before the game. We were heading up to the train platform on the escalator and I was walking up like any normal human being would do. About half way up, I tripped over my sandals and felt head first onto the escalator steps. My head hit the edge of the escalator step hard. I quickly got up and immediately started crying out of shock, but realized shortly after that my head was bleeding! We rushed back down from the platform and headed straight to urgent care where they were able to stitch me up right away. Honestly it was such a freak accident because it’s something you never even think of as a possibility, but it happened! To me!

Post Head Injury!

After I got stitched up, we got some buffalo chicken pizza cause we were starved and obviously couldn’t make it to our original dinner plans. The doctor gave me the okay to go to the game as long as I was up for it, so a few hours later we decided to carry on with our plans. The game ended up being very exciting. Lots of great hits by the other team, but the Mets got a few home runs in there too! In the end, the Mets lost but we had a lot of fun. We also watched the whole game so we could see the fireworks afterwards which was another nice treat!


Overall, I’d say it was a great weekend, even with the scary fall. My main tip to you is to always wear closed toe shoes when you’re walking up the escalator and hold on to the handrail! I hope you enjoyed this read! xx

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