My Swimsuit Collection

Summer is right around the corner, so I thought I would share a few of my favorite bathing suits with you. I try to only wear the same style of bathing suit, for tanning purposes, but I find that this is definitely the most flattering style on my body. Keep reading to see where I get some of my favorite bathing suits!

This first one, I got last year in preparation for my trip to Miami. Here’s the blog post I wrote about that trip! I found this one on Zaful, since I wanted some less expensive suits but I ended up loving how this fit. It’s high-waisted which was nicer than I thought and I like that you can remove the straps to make it a regular bandeau top.

Top: Small / Bottom: Small

This next one is an absolute staple. Everyone should have a plain black swim suit. This one I got at Target and I’ve had it for literally 4 years because the quality is really great! It’s affordable also, which is an added bonus!

Top: Medium / Bottom: Medium

Next up is another one from Zaful. This one is really cute because of the stripes and it’s high-rise on the bottoms. It’s very flattering, and great for laying out in the sun. The bottoms are a little cheeky but not too much that you’d be really uncomfortable so that’s why I really like these also!

Top: Small / Bottom: Small

This one I got from target last year and it’s my absolute favorite! I saw the color of this and knew I had to have it. The pretty hot pink is so flattering when you have a tan and I love the bra style straps because they give the best support. The little bows are also a cute feminine touch!

Top: Medium / Bottom: Medium

This is a new one I got this year from Target and it’s absolutely stunning. I got it with my trip to Punta Cana in mind because of the pretty fun colors. This is also high-rise and very flattering because of the cut outs on the sides.

Top: Medium / Bottom: Small

Another staple everyone should have it a red swim suit. This one is really simple with ribbed material. It’s a really pretty neutral red that would look great on any skin tone also. It’s got the crisscrossed back also which added some extra support.

Top: Medium / Bottom: Medium

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