Packing Guide: Greece

I can’t believe this trip is finally here after months of planning! I will be traveling to Greece next week for vacation and I am so excited. Since this is a pretty big trip, I thought I would put together a packing guide of some things I’m planning to bring with me for this trip. I hope you enjoy!

1. Dresses

The very first thing I plan to bring with me is a bunch of dresses. All kinds of dresses. In general, I love wearing dresses because they are so easy to just throw on and go while still looking put together. I plan on bringing a bunch of maxi dresses because they are so pretty and easy. I’ll also bring some cute mini dresses and even a few rompers because I just love them so much.

2. Mini Backpack

I figured instead of bringing a purse or a bunch of different bags, I’ll bring a mini backpack with me for walking around during the day. It’ll be big enough to care all the essentials such as my camera, wallet, sunglasses but not too big that it starts feeling heavy after a long day.

3. Cameras

For this trip, I decided to try a few different things for my photos. I’m of course bringing my cell phone to use as my main camera, but I’m also bringing my Polaroid camera to try and get some more interesting shots. On top of that, I also decided to buy some disposable cameras too to get some more vintage looking shots too! Using film cameras is so popular lately, that I figured this trip was the perfect time to try it out.

4. Sunglasses

This is pretty much a given, but I’m planning on bringing a few pairs of sunglasses because, duh, it’s sunny in Greece. However, I’m bringing some of my cheaper ones, so that I don’t care as much if they break or I lose them for some reason.

5. Swimsuits

We’re spending about 2-3 days on the beach for this trip, so of course I’m bringing quite a few bathing suits just in case! This will be my first chance to go to the beach for this summer so I have to be strategic about getting my base tan, so bringing some bandeau style bathing suits and of course lots of sun block! The Mediterranean sun is very strong so, sun block is a must!

6. Books

I’m also bringing a few books to read at the airport and on the plane! Reading is actually my favorite thing to do on long flights, so I picked out a few books that I’m considering bringing. One of them is called Thinking Fast and Slow that I’ve been holding on to for a few months for this trip. I’m so excited to finally start reading it!

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