Spring Fashion Must-Haves

After looking through all the fashion week runway shows and street style, I decided to put together a few of my new must-haves. There’s lots of pretty trends coming soon and I think you deserve to know my opinion on them. So, here we go!

Hair Accessories

This is a no brainer because I talk about this all the time but I love hair accessories. Pretty pearl hair clips, barrettes, and glitzy crystals are some of my favorites but there’s SO many coming soon. They are a really simple way to dress up your outfit without investing in a new wardrobe.

Beaded Handbags

This is the straw bag trend of 2018. It will literally be everywhere. In every color. And you probably will need at least one. In my opinion, they are pretty cute, maybe not practical?? But cute. And frankly, if you have the patience to switch your bag all the time, please go for this fun trend!

Neon Accessories

I promise you, I’m not a neon kind of girl. I usually think it’s horrendously tacky. However, I am easily influenced so, guess what. I love it all of a sudden and you should probably also learn to love it because it’s not going away anytime soon. This is also fun because you can do it really big with a full neon yellow outfit or you can add a simple neon orange scrunchie to your ponytail and you’re still trendy.

Bright Colors

Moving on to a trend that’s less dramatic than the neon, this is a great break from pastels for spring. I love all the pretty bright pinks, blues, orange, yellow, etc for the upcoming season. It really gets me feeling happy and excited for the coming warm weather and it definitely makes me want a vacation. It’s also very easy to incorporate into your outfit with just a simple top or earrings.

Monochromatic Looks

I love a good monochromatic outfit and you know that. However, looking past the neutral monochromatics, I am LOVING bright monochromatic looks. A full purple outfit is an absolute dream of mine right now. Ever since I saw the monochromatic outfits from the Max Mara show during fashion week, I am officially in love with color. Catch me in lime green head to toe one of these days!!!


This one is much less wearable but I love it just the same. Feather trimmed blazers and pants are the coolest thing in a long time. It takes a really stylish person to pull this off but if you can, you deserve an award.

Florals (duh)

This one is very obvious, but honestly it’s hard to keep floral trends fresh and for some reason I think everyone did it very well this year. The Zimmerman brand florals this year really got me feeling good about spring and don’t even get me started on LoveShackFancy’s super feminine floral dresses. They are so good and you might also catch me in a heck of a lot of florals soon!

P.S. Keep up with me on instagram: @karenmauritzenn

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