Last Minute V-Day Gifts

So I wasn’t going to do any more Valentine’s Day posts but things happen and now here I am writing about Valentine’s Day again. V-Day is literally in 2 days and not everyone is a great planner or savvy with gift ideas so I wanted to share a few of my last minute gift ideas because this is something I struggle with for every holiday and I don’t want to see you all struggle, you know. Don’t mind the run-on sentence, please. So if I were to get a last minute gift for someone, I’d probably pick one of these!

First, I’m going to start with some of my favorites ideas. I personally think experiences are such a great gift to give someone. It gives them something they can share with someone else and they can hold on to those memories forever (hopefully). The experience can be anything the person enjoys doing or something they’ve always wanted to do. You can purchase a gift certificate for an exercise class, such as yoga or spin which is really popular. You can also buy tickets to something that is a little more date specific (depending on where you look), such as a professional sports game or a cooking class. You can also be extravagant and do something like a helicopter ride or skydiving depending on how much you want to spend. The fun part about gifting an experience to someone is that they don’t have to do it right then! They have the option to do it whenever they want!

My second favorite gift idea is always going to be something homemade. It’s always nice to go to a store and find the perfect gift, but when I know that someone took the time to sit and make something for me, I know how special I am to that person. Not to be mushy either, but some homemade gifts are really cute and sweet too. I really love the “Open When…” letters. They are SO sweet and definitely thoughtful because you took the time to write all those words to help your partner. I also think you can never go wrong with food and everyone loves a homemade meal! Also putting together a little gift basket with all kinds of goodies is fun. Making it a themed basket is always a good idea and for Valentine’s Day, since the theme technically is love, you can do a basket of all the things you love about the person or things that they love. The point of a homemade gift is that it’s supposed to be very thoughtful, so the more thought you put in, the better!

My final suggestion is obviously just to go out to a store and buy something but I’m not talking jewelry or flowers or chocolate. Although those are wonderful gifts and I’m sure plenty of people love that stuff, I’m still a big advocate for thoughtful presents. If your Valentine loves books, get them a really great book that you think they would love. If they love photography, get them a cool Polaroid camera or sign them up for a photography class or a trip to a museum. If they really love chocolate, I mean you can get them some chocolate but if they love other things more than chocolate, maybe get them one of those things you know?

I hope you feel like this was helpful and if not, I hope you at least enjoyed reading it!

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