OOTD: Straight Leg Jeans

Hi Friends! I found a new style of jeans that I’m really into and I decided to style them and write a post about how much I love them 🙂

Sweater: Something Navy / Jeans: Topshop / Boots: Urban Outfitters / Scarf: Zara / Headband: Something Navy / Belt: Urban Outfitters

So, I’m really late to this trend because I usually hate trendy things, which you all know already. But I also get nervous about trying new styles of jeans because some are just not flattering when you have a smaller waist and bigger hips/thighs. Straight leg jeans have been really popular over the last few years but have especially been popular in 2018. Especially the ones with the distressing all over the legs and basically completely cut out thigh area or the cut off raw hem. I saw Ruby Holly on Instagram style a pair of straight leg jeans from Topshop and me, being easily influenced and obsessed with Topshop’s jeans, figured I should order a pair to try out. I am not exaggerating when I tell you, I was HOOKED. These jeans are the most flattering jeans I’ve ever owned. Seriously.

With that being said, I may have gone overboard and bought like 8 pairs but it’s okay because I wear jeans literally everyday of my life. And they look so good on me and I’m also extremely modest. Straight leg is a style that is really versatile and easy to style because 1. they’re still just jeans and 2. the cut is flattering on a lot of people. Sometimes people get freaked out when they wear anything other than skinny jeans but there’s a whole world of denim styles out there to explore.

Trying to keep things casual, I decided to style them with a navy blue sweater that is super cozy and comfy from Nordstrom. It’s one of my favorites from Arielle Charnas’ clothing line, actually. I’m also really into wearing these brown boots lately which is funny because I’ve had them for so long and literally never wore the until now. I’ve worn them like 5 times in the last week! The scarf was just to tie in some color from my red headband and for coziness of course. I would have put a coat on, but frankly didn’t feel like it. A pretty red or a camel coat would have been so cute!

I hope you liked this one!

P.S. Keep up with me on instagram: @karenmauritzenn

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