How to Elevate a Simple Outfit

As you’ve probably all realized, I am the queen of simple outfits. I really don’t need much more than a plain t-shirt and jeans but I do think it’s really important to always try an elevate your outfit just a little bit more. Today I wanted to share a few ways that I like to level up some of my simpler outfits.

1. Add Jewelry

The most obvious and easiest way to enhance your outfits would be by adding jewelry. Personally, I love simple, classic and dainty jewelry but also lots of sparkle. A pretty and simple pearl earring or a name plate necklace are usually my go to but I also love to do big gold hoops or sparkly stud earrings. In the summer, I also love to add colorful, gaudy earrings because it’s always nice to be a little bit extra.

2. Add Print or Color

Another staple I think when it comes to elevating a basic outfit is adding on a print or a color. You know I’m a big fan of leopard print so doing leopard pants, a jacket or shoes is super simple and very on trend. I also love a good pop of color or even color blocking. Heck, I even love mixing my prints and some color. Right now I absolutely am LOVING leopard print with light pink, it’s such a cute and simple way to spice up an outfit.

3. Paint Your Nails

I’m a firm believer that it’s the little things that make a huge difference so for me it’s very important to have my nails done. They tie your whole look together and make you look a thousand times more put together. It’s just a little extra step, but I know it always makes me feel great when I look down at my hands and see a freshly painted manicure, especially when I have my favorite rings on!

4. Do Your Hair/Makeup

I’m not saying that everyone needs to have a blow out and a full face of makeup every single day but if you really want to make yourself look a little bit more put together, doing your hair and makeup will definitely help. Not only does it make you look good, but you feel good too. And when you feel good you can really carry your outfit with confidence. You could literally wear a plastic bag but if you have your hair and makeup done, you feel like  a million bucks and that translates into how you look.

5. Wear Cool Shoes

Shoes are my absolute favorite part of every outfit. They can really take your outfit to the next level or change the whole entire vibe. So when I’m wearing a plain white t-shirt and jeans, to me that’s a blank slate. I can throw on a pair of doc martens and now my look is grungey. Throw on some kitten heel mules and I look more feminine. Throw on a pair of pointed toe heels and I look smart casual. Shoes completely change your outfit, so when in doubt put on your favorite shoes!

6. Use a New Purse

Sometimes when I feel bored with my outfits, I like to just change out my purse for something new. Not saying I buy a new bag every time I have a simple outfit on, but just switch to something I haven’t used in a while. Right now, I’m using my LV Neverfull for my work bag and I usually don’t switch it out. But say if I’m going out to dinner or drinks with friends, I’ll switch it out for a smaller bag like my Gucci Marmont or maybe my LV pouch if I don’t want to carry a lot with me. It’s not a major change, but it can really make a difference!

7. Add Another Layer

This one is actually one of my favorites and most used tips for elevating a simple outfit. I’m a major advocate for layering, especially now that it’s getting very wintery. A third (or a fourth) layer is good for added warmth but it also adds dimension to your outfits. Some of my favorite layering pieces are blazers and a leather jacket. If I’m wearing a t-shirt or sweater, I’ll add on a blazer for something more formal or a leather jacket for a very cool look. Then on top I add on whatever coat I decided to wear that day and there’s my layered look. It’s still easy, but now I look like I put in just a little more effort.

8. Add Texture

Last, but certainly not least, is adding texture. Using different materials in your outfits is a great way to create some dimension and interest in your simple outfit. I love crocodile print, because it’s not just a print. It actually has texture to it. I also always love to add in leather or some kind of faux fur or shearling. Even sequins or glitter is a good way to add some texture (if the situation calls for it, of course)!

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