Business Casual OOTD

While it’s still not terribly cold, I wanted to share this business casual look! There’s something chic about a pair of jeans and button down. The jeans keeps it very casual and comfortable but the button down shows you mean business. I also added in a pair of nude heels to really amp up the business aspect of the outfit. It’s also a great look to transition into happy hour after work! If you throw on a long trench or fuzzy coat, this outfit can take you way into the fall and winter! A bold red or orange also adds a fun pop of color to this otherwise simple outfit.

Lately, I’m thinking a lot about my future and what I want it to look like. Where do I want to live? Do I want kids? How many? Should I get married? How am I going to make money? Will I get to travel? Will I be happy? There’s tons of questions floating around in my head and to be honest, it’s tough and frustrating to figure it all out. Somethings that have really helped me stay calm while trying to get my life on the right track has been reading lots and lots of books! Books that are uplifting and motivating and positive, but not necessarily self-help books. Just books that make me feel good and inspire me to look at things differently. There’s a world of endless possibilities out there for me. I’ve also found that a quick prayer every night to say thank you and ask for guidance helps too! It’s so easy to get caught up in where I’m not and what I’m not doing and what’s missing so taking the time to just say thank you for what I have reminds me just how good I have it.



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