What I’m Reading: August 2018

For the month of August, I’ve been focusing on learning how to create my personal brand and translate it something a lot of people can relate to. I started this blog in June of 2018 technically, but I didn’t really try to do anything with it for about a month. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to be posting or what my main topics would be. I didn’t know what kind of people I wanted to attract. In short, I hadn’t decided on what my personal brand would be.

Since I started my blog, I have spent a lot of time researching social media, influencer marketing, blogging and the like. I was searching for books on Amazon one day and I came across this little baby that I am almost positive will become my new bible. I found Influencer: Building Your Personal Brand in the Age of Social Media by Brittany Hennessy. It’s written by a woman who actually scouts out social media Influencers to do campaigns for various magazines, which means that she decides what makes an Influencer influential. Basically, I trusted her opinion and bought the book.

She covers all the stages of becoming an Influencer from setting up your social media platforms (highlighting the main four: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Youtube) to taking photos, earning campaigns and hiring an agent. However, the best part is that she tells it from her perspective as someone who hires Influencers, which is a key component to this book being a holy grail read. Another thing I really find valuable about this book is that she also inserts interviews and quotes from some of the top Influencers in the game right now! You can’t even pretend like that’s not helpful. They give you their honest thoughts, ideas, and advice about how they got started, what it took to get here, and what they wish knew back then.

I truly feel like this book has opened my eyes to a lot of things that I wouldn’t have known about this industry. It’s helpful to to know what a PR manager, agent, photographer, etc looks for when they are looking to hire an Influencer. It’s helpful to know when my following is big enough and engaging enough to reach out to brands for partnerships. Of course, I’m not anywhere near those milestones yet, but they are good to know now and can help me plan for the future. However, just like everything in this world, someone else will always have a different opinion about it so I am taking everything with a grain of salt. There’s not a ton of books out there on the market that go quite this in depth to focus on actual bloggers and Instagram, but there are a handful that focus on social media marketing in general. If you’re looking for some advise about becoming an Influencer, I think this book is a good place to start!

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